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Hotels can range from simple affairs with little more than a bed, television, and bathroom, to the luxurious penthouse suites on the top floor of a gleaming skyscraper. Whatever clientele the hotel is designed to serve, the hotel does need proper protection. Hotel insurance gives hotels the necessary protection they need to financially handle a wide variety of potentially costly perils that could occur.

Hotel insurance protects hotel from many different perils and costly situations. Since no hotel is the same, hotel insurance is highly adaptable to any different kind of property. Hotel insurance offers both property and liability coverage for a hotel. Hotel insurance property coverage includes anything on the hotel property, including contents owned by the hotel and contents owned by guests. This protects the towels that seem to inexplicably disappear, the television and alarm clock in the bedroom, and guests’ luggage and property. The coverage limits can be adapted for nearly any type of hotel, since more basic hotels do not need the type of property coverage that more luxurious hotels need. The property and contents coverage of hotel insurance also covers accidental breakage or loss of many of the fixtures and hotel equipment around the hotel. This includes glass light fixtures, glass accents, and equipment such as laundry machines and heaters and air conditioners.

Hotel insurance liability coverage protects from a wide variety of legal claims and loss of money or earnings. Included is bodily injury and medical expenses coverage as well as coverage protecting from legal claims that stem from any guests’ bodily injuries on the property. Similar bodily injury coverage is extended to hotel employees. Another liability coverage offered on hotel insurance protects from theft of money. The hotel insurance coverage for money theft extends to money from a safe, cash drawer, or other storage area, or any money during transfer. The hotel insurance coverage also protects from money loss due to damage of its storage area, and covers medical expenses of employees due to injuries related to a robbery.

The most helpful coverage offered by hotel insurance is probably business interruption insurance. Business interruption hotel insurance coverage, or loss of earnings hotel insurance coverage, pays for lost earnings due to covered damage while the hotel makes repairs. Costs associated with business interruption hotel insurance coverage can include rental costs for a temporary property, such as a temporary office, the cost of new equipment, and the costs associated with filing an insurance claim.

Hotel insurance provides an invaluable line of protection for hotels. The property hotel insurance coverage protects both hotel and guest contents as well as the structure of the hotel itself, while the liability hotel insurance coverage protects the hotel from claims against bodily injury, errors, and other legal claims against the hotel. To find the best hotel insurance, hotel managers and owners can contact an independent insurance agency. Independent insurance agencies can shop for their customers at the many insurance providers they are affiliated with. Independent insurance agents can then take competitive business insurance quotes back to the hotels so the best hotel insurance policy can be selected.

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