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In a competitive ASEAN market, hoteliers cannot afford to ignore the importance of hospitality technology solutions. Technology simplifies hotel operations and increases productivity of staff.

Hotel industry landscape in ASEAN region

All the countries in ASEAN region are set to increase their hotel room inventory in 2015. Countries like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia have become hot investment destinations for international hotel brands. Here is a closer look at each country –

* Over 13 hotels with around 4000 rooms will be added to Singapore hotel market in 2015. Statistics say that 40% of these rooms will be in mid-tier and 32% will be in upscale segment.

* Malaysia will add over 2300 hotel rooms by 2019 (in luxury hotel segment only). This is almost 64% increase from the from the hotel room supply that were added in 2014.

* Philippines too is doing quite good in this. Numbers show that Manila alone will add a record number of hotel rooms – 4,612 rooms in 2015. Moreover, rooms additions throughout the country are expected to exceed 3,500 annually during next 2 years.

* Thailand is also doing everything in terms of attracting and accommodating growing number tourists. Around 4000 hotel rooms are under construction and will be added to the growing inventory this year.

* In Indonesia, around 26 hotels are slotted to open by two global hotel brands in 2015. All these hotels will operate in places like Bali, Jakarta and Surabaya etc.

All the statistics are clear about one thing – hotel industry across ASEAN is doing extremely well as international hotel investors remain confident about the region. But, are the hotels capable enough to face the competition from within the market? Do they have necessary technology platform to automate operations? Are they using hospitality technology solutions to attract new guests from across the globe? Moreover, how is the hotel going to ensure increased room occupancy to see more revenues?

Review IDS Next and Stay Ahead …

Whether your hotel is small or big, star or non-star, robust hospitality software from IDS Next can help you organize hotel operations in a smooth and efficient way. The hotel ERP consists of 12 modules – both front office and back of the house. All the modules have a single look and feel and are seamlessly integrated.

Key Highlights of FortuneNEXT 6i Hotel ERP

* Hotel management system runs on a single database

* Lower total cost of ownership

* Seamlessly integrates Front Office and back of the house software

* PA DSS Certified hotel software

* Robust guest history

* No night audit shutdown

* 24/7 technical support

IDS Next’s all-inclusive and integrated FortuneNEXT 6i Suite of Hotel ERP runs on single database and thus enables your hospitality business to better manage data. The ERP is also PA DSS Certified and ensures assured protection against data theft.

At IDS Next, we believe the task of a Hotel ERP is to work for you. Thus, we have integrated Hotel 360 – an expanding solution set to automate processes like room distribution, booking and reservation, analytics, online reputation management, mobile apps and more.

If you are looking to harness cutting edge technology solutions to witness differentiated and smarter hotel operations, you must consider ‘the best’ available software in the market. Deploy IDS Next’s growing range of solutions and grow revenue and profitability at your hotel.

Debi Prasad Sarangi handles Corporate Communications at IDS Next Business Solutions, a global IT major in the domain of hospitality technology solutions. The company’s Hotel ERP and other solutions have earned the trust of over 4000 hotels in 40 countries. To know more about us, visit http://www.idsnext.com/ or http://asean.idsnext.com/

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