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Occupations related to hotel management can be found in the food, hospitality and tourism industry. In most cases, hotels or motels are integrated with coffee bars, restaurants, clubs and spa centers. In which case, having a career in hotel management does not mean that it will be limited to managing the hotel since a prospective manager can be assigned to a specialized area such as the restaurant, coffee bar, club, etc. Depending on the functionality of the management job, hotel management occupations are very important for the proper operation of hotel establishments.

Hotel or Motel managers handle the organization and control hotel operations. They are responsible for providing guest accommodation, meals and other such services. Current trends in the market indicate that hotel management is a good prospect for a career for forty and above gents and ladies. These managers usually have an average weekly earning of US$ 800, of which in a year will be about US$ 38,400. Not much, but enough to have a fine living and luxury.

Tasks Of A Hotel Manager

A hotel manager is primarily task to oversee reservation, reception, room service and housekeeping activities in the hotel. Reservation activities usually involve guest requests for reservation of a particular room, in which, the room has to be checked if free for accommodation. The reception area also serves as the information area where guests can inquire for available rooms for accommodation as well as other special requests. The room service includes bellhops and bell boys in service of the hotel guests. Room service, on the other hand, entails the delivery of luggage to the assigned room as well as granting special requests of guests such as hot water, etc. House keeping activities, on the other hand, is the job of housekeepers. Activities include arranging the beds of each rooms, changing towels and collecting trash.

A hotel manager also plans and supervises entertainment activities held at the hotel. The hotel manager must be creative enough as to be able to continuously offer entertainment to his guests. Hotels usually have different strategies in order to enliven the spirits of their guests. Sometimes, prizes are at stake in such games or entertainment held at hotels, which may be in the form of free one night accommodation or free accommodation vouchers in some hotels under the same management.

A hotel manager also supervises the security arrangements, as well as maintains garden and hotel properties. Usually, the security arrangements would require the hiring of a security manager who is well knowledgeable in security matters. Garden and hotel properties that need to be maintained and kept are electric floor polisher, vacuum cleaners, and other necessary maintenance equipment for hotel fixtures and furniture. The hotel manager also have to plan and supervise all the activities in the bar, restaurant, conference and function rooms, and ensure the compliance of the hotel with existing and current occupational health and safety regulations.

The hotel manager must also oversee the accounting and purchasing activities of the hotel. In reality, the hotel have a number of managers which can include a food service manager, club manager, reception manager, security manager, etc. So basically, any of these occupations can be categorized as a career in hotel management.

Food Service Management

Food service managers are tasked to oversee and supervise the preparation and presentation of the food. Usually, food service managers are present in hotels, restaurants and other similar establishments. They maintain the quality and quantity of the food and ensure the satisfaction of the guests and customers. They are also reactionary to customer feedback and modify what needs to be changed in the recipe of the menu items.

The food service manager is also responsible for the monitoring of the stocks of raw materials and must ensure that the raw materials are being used economically as well as effectively. He also makes sure that the hotel or restaurant is complying with the current health and fire hazard standards.

Club Management

Club managers organizes and directs the operations of licensed clubs including the provision of food, liquor, entertainment and other similar amenities for members. Although current market trends reveal an average prospect for club management as a job, it has always been part of hotel management and will always be attractive for job seekers.

Health Club Management

Health club managers supervise and coordinate the activities of the health staff at health clubs or physical fitness gyms. They are responsible for planning the exercise programs for the members, selling membership contracts and providing instructional guidelines on physical fitness for the customers. The physical fitness facilities usually include weight loss programs, yoga centers, aerobic classes, sauna rooms and day spas. Nowadays, martial arts instruction classes are also included.

Major duties performed by the health club managers include interviewing, hiring and training of new employees. He will also have to assign and adjust the work schedules of employees to be able to meet the demands of the customer. Programs on weight control and body building are drafted and sold to health club customers. Aside from demonstration of the proper operation of exercise equipment, health club managers conduct a special class that includes yoga, aerobics, martial arts, etc.

Public Relations Manager

Public relations manager are tasked to interact with hotel guests or customers, extract their feedback and provide solutions appropriate to their problems while they are staying in the hotel. They must have above average people skills to be able to be a successful public relations manager. Most of the time, he will have to face complaining guests or customers who are usually irate already, so he must be ready to calm down tense nerves by being polite and accommodating. He will also have to face the media about concerns or issues worthy of media attention.

In the event of having a famous star as guest, the public relations manager is the one who must find ways to shield the guest from the media or from other people. To such people, privacy is a very expensive commodity and therefore is a valid cause for disappointment with the hotel if ever a guest feels that his or her privacy is being pried upon.

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