Guide to Cambodia tours and travel Packages

While holiday makers show more interest on taking Cambodia tours and travel packages as the journey to this tiny but rich in culture and history is one of the most memorable vacation that one could expect when in South-East of Asia. Cambodia is located in the hears of the Indochina Peninsula bordering with Thailand, Laos and Vietnam and it become now one of the world’s most renowned destination to travel to, in such a country, either traveling solo and or with an organized Cambodia tour packages are in need of a good pre planning and arrangements, Some nationalities required to apply Cambodia tourist visa beforehand while travelers from the Europe, USA, Canada and Ocean will get a visa stamped into their passport upon arrival to any of Cambodia air or Land borders and for instant update the visa cost is US$ 30 and is also extendable once in the country. However, there is no direct flight from Europe or USA to Cambodia, the best way is to flight to either Siem Reap and or Phnom Penh via Bangkok in Thailand, or if the deals are better it maybe from Malaysia, Singapore or Vietnam.

A very common question is what to see in Cambodia, being in a captivating rich in history and landscape it doesn’t mean to visit Angkor Wat temples and spend few days around and then depart from this fabulous country, in following article I will explain to how to choose a right tour packages Cambodia in order to get a positive insight on what to do and to see.

Preparation before taking Cambodia Tours and Travel Packages

To prepare for your trip you will required to have your check list before departure, I would like to recommend from the very basic things, in such, the vaccination is required if you travel for long time in the region, the remote area could be a problem to you and especially if you are an adventurous type of traveler that prefer to travel slowly and you must know check with your local clinic to get the best advice regarding the vaccination before traveling to a tropical country like Cambodia. The recommended vaccines are: Hepatitis A and B, Tetanus Diphtheria +, Typhoid fever, anger and the malaria.

Travel Insurance, while you may not need to use it, but this is essential part of traveling, nowadays there are insurance companies offering good and reasonable insurance packages.

Learn English as well as some basic Khmer Phrase, English is the language of traveling, even if you are on a Cambodia tours and travel packages that is organized to you and if you don’t speak any word of English you will be in deep trouble to communicate with the people while you traveling, however, the best practice is to hire a guide that speaks your mother tongue, like I am Persian and in Cambodia nobody could speak Persian if I needed to. Learning some basic Khmer Phrase will do most of your way if you tend to shopping, or talk with local people, Khmer is the official language of Cambodia and English and French are spoken local people, just do not expect to be in UK.

Read about the history of Cambodia, this country is not only a destination to holiday for a short period of time and finish, no, Cambodia has a great back ground in terms of History and civilization, like Egypt or Iran in the middle east, Cambodia is the mother land of Indochina where the Angkor Wat is the symbol and ancient capital of the Khmer Empire. Make sure to include a few day visits (depending to your time) to Angkor Wat Temples and the floating villages in Tonle Sap Lake when in Siem Reap or even southern Vietnam. Read more about Vietnam and Cambodia tour packages

Good to know once in Cambodia

The official currency of Cambodia called Riel but US Dollar is widely accepted everywhere in the country, you can pay your meal, guide tip, transportation and shopping using American dollar.
Cambodia tours and travel packages

Many tourists still think that Cambodia tour packages are all dedicated to temples of Angkor Wat. There you go again!!! After spending a month in Cambodia and after being in the business of tourism in Indochina I would like to say that, plan your Cambodia travel and in Phnom Penh I assure you to have a great days, especially if you doing a Luxury Mekong river cruise tours from southern Vietnam. When in Phnom Penh, I suggest you to visit the impressive Tuol Sleng (or S-21) and go to the killing fields of Choeung Ek which makes you understand the recent history of Cambodia, and don’t forget to visit the central market and the Russian market.

Transportation in Cambodia

No matter you travel on a group or with a private tour, bus traveling is with no doubt the best option to traveling inside Cambodia, it is cheap, convenient and they are almost anywhere, if you’d like to travel via Tonle Sap River then I suggest to take a express boat from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap and enjoy your trip.

Cambodia tours and travel packages – less visited routes

A very interesting route which I highly recommend to travelers with a bit of different traveling style, from Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia to the northeast, Kompong Cham and Kratie are two places that I have been visited and I was looking forward to even explore deeper, Meanwhile, further to south of Cambodia I suggest the route to Kampot, where delightful village worth spending 3 or 4 days. From there you can take a trip to Bokor National Park and the Mountain abandoned area. Recall that Kampot is famous for its pepper, among the best in the world (i witness it) and widely used in French cooking back to colonial times.

Beach Holiday in Cambodia

Do not expect the beaches you might seen in Hawaii or Caribbean islands, or those paradise beaches in Thailand, Cambodia has its own beautiful coast line, what I suggest is to go Sihanoukville, where you get the most popular and crowded beaches in Cambodia. Among them decided to stay at Serendipity Beach, where many young aged Europeans tourist are always surfed. If you are a fancy traveler with a great appetite in Luxury Traveling, then, you will find several high end options in this area.

Angkor Wat Temples

The incredible temples of Angkor site: Ta Prohm, the temple where Angelina Jolie appeared in a movie back to years ago, Bayon, the temple of the 216 looks with its absolutely unique architecture and Bas-reliefs but that does not detract from the rest of the country. However, the best of all temples is still remain the Angkor Wat itself, there are other temples near Siem Reap that have been discovered just few decades ago, one of them is a lost city of Mahendraparvata which was constructed 700 years before Angkor Wat.

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