Got The Travel Bug? Travel Nursing Might Just Be Your Ticket To Paradise

I can’t lie…I’m obsessed with travel and I love to go whenever and wherever my budget and job will allow, but imagine if you got paid to travel with travel nursing? That’s right! Nursing careers are very fulfilling anyway, but if you are passionate about your career and travel, you may want to look into travel nursing. Travel nursing can literally take you anywhere you want to go in the world! You just have to have a nursing degree, a sense of adventure, a good travel nursing agency to guide and support you, a suitcase and a passport and you are ready to take off!

So What’s Travel Nursing All About?

Travel Nursing jobs are typically 13 week assignments in various states all across the United States. Overseas travel nursing jobs are usually longer assignments, which makes sense as they require a little longer to apply and prepare for. Travel nurses usually maintain their “home base” residence and choose to live in temporary housing provided by their agency. Travel nurses have fantastic benefits, including bonuses, relocation reimbursement, health, dental and prescription drug insurance, and great pay, typically at higher rates than their permanent staff co-workers. Travel nurses can bring along their family members and pets on assignment, and if they maintain their permanent residence, they may be eligible for tax advantages.

Domestic Travel Nursing

It’s a pretty easy transition to start with travel nursing here in the states. If you’re a Registered Nurse with at least one year’s experience, all you need to do is find a reputable agency to help you get started. Your agency will help you prepare your paperwork for placement anywhere in the US. If you hold certain specialty certifications, you’ll be in high demand as a travel nurse and could even earn higher pay depending on your specialty. Travel nursing assignments can be in metropolitan or rural areas all over the US and your agency will find you luxurious accommodations so all you have to do is pack your personal items and hit the road!

International Travel Nursing

Travel nursing jobs are available overseas as well and what an adventure they can be! Imagine living in South Africa, Australia, or the United Kingdom for a year as a travel nurse! I’d call that living the dream for real! Many travel nurses stick to these areas to start unless they speak a second language. International travel nursing jobs are a little different in that they require special licensing and permits to live and work abroad. Usually overseas travel nursing jobs are longer in duration (12 months or longer) and obviously take longer to obtain and apply for. Ask anyone and they will tell you travel nursing jobs overseas are worth the wait!

If you’d like a change of pace from your normal nursing job, you should consider travel nursing in 2016. Travel nursing jobs can be an exciting, fun, change of pace in great destinations that will allow you to explore our world. Apply online and let us help you get the best pay with the most benefits in the top travel nursing destinations today!

Got the Travel Bug? Travel Nursing might just be your ticket to paradise you should consider Premier Healthcare Professionals it’s a chance and change of pace from your normal nursing job. Travel nursing assignments can be in metropolitan or rural areas all over the US and your agency will find you luxurious accommodations. Apply online !!

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