Effects of Ecommerce on Travel Industry

Be it travel for business or pleasure, the phenomena has always been recurrent and never has the world seen an era where people did not travel. In our 21st century, the idea of travel has been enhanced and modernized, and with the advent of internet, its popularity knows no bounds. Internet has fuelled travel in every way possible and now people are exploring their options which they never knew existed, booking flights and cars in literally 5 minutes and sharing their experience with the rest of the world. Travel agents and travel-related businesses had always existed but now with ecommerce in the picture, travel technology has taken a new turn and its growing importance has lead to a few serious changes in the travel industry. Now, the travel businesses have to focus more on the online aspect of things and travel solutions which cater to more responsive ecommerce portals. Clearly, ecommerce has affected the travel technology in a big way and let’s see how.

Air Travel Bookings

With globalization and advanced technology, air travel has become a highly common occurrence and has opened the doors to new and exotic locations. The online travel industry has been given a boost due to online flight bookings and almost everyone checks out and books flights online. This means that to tackle the high competition, the airlines as well as the travel agencies who provide travel booking facilities have to make use of travel technology to acquire a good website and an ecommerce solution which is quick and reliable.

Unlimited Options

With internet in every corner of the world and thousands of options to choose from, travel technology has gained a much higher importance in streamlining information and making the job of travel businesses and agencies easier. B2B travel portal software which allow the agencies to connect with other car rentals and hotel companies, and bring the whole of travel experience in one platter, are necessary for a smooth customer experience. If the companies do not have such B2B travel portal systems in place, it will be impossible for them to ensure a great ecommerce experience and will eventually lose out on customers.

Online Travel Packages

These days, because of the trouble-free accessibility of purchasing services online, people prefer not to go through the hassle of booking everything separately and the availability of customized online travel packages has made things simpler. Again travel technology jumps in and the requirement of travel agencies software which can easily customize plans for people according to their preference and also connect all the factors such as air tickets, hotels, car rentals and guide availability at one platform. This allows the customers to browse through the various options available to them, and choose only what they require.

The effects of ecommerce on the travel industry are ample, and the fact that travel technology is continuously updating itself to suit the needs of businesses and people is exemplary. The various B2B travel portal systems and software which have been developed to make ecommerce on travel sites effortless have made the life of travel companies easier and the role of travel technology is only set to grow further in the years to come.

This article is written by Koushal, he work with QuadLabs Technologies, a premier travel technology company, specialized in providing end to end travel technology solutions, travel software, online booking engines and travel mobile application to travel agencies or intermediaries worldwide.

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