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There are many aspects and expenses that you are going to need to think about as you begin to book your next vacation. When researching, you will want to remember that there are two main ways that you can go about booking a vacation. Either you can begin to go through the hassle of finding plane tickets, booking hotels and planning excursions yourself, or you can use a qualified travel agency to do all the work for you as you sit back, relax, and count down the days until you are whisked away on your relaxing retreat.

There are many perks to booking your vacation with a travel agency that you might not even be aware of. For many people, a travel agency is going to give you a much better value on your vacation than you would have gotten by simply booking it alone. You might think that booking your trip on your own is a good idea because it will give you a chance to get the cheaper rates, and only book what you need. Many people choose to go that route because they are fooled into thinking that booking on their own has no hidden costs and fees, and when they book on their own they will be in complete control over their plans.

However, this is simply not true today. Recently, due to the recession, everyone from hotels to airlines and ticket agents are raising their prices. When you book a trip on your own, you are often subjected to price hikes and increases that you might not even see coming. Many airlines and hotels tack fees onto your bill without even notifying you of it, and it can be almost impossible to know which deal is going to be best for you with all of the possible routes to take. Also, with so many travel sites and places to book tickets available, you might never find that great deal that is waiting for you. With travel agents, however, you never have to worry about that!

Travel agents tend to have a lot of connections when it comes to booking vacations. Due to their daily conversions and relationships built with airlines, hotels, and other travel companies over the past years, there are multiple deals that are reserved especially for travel agencies. There are deal prices that only these travel agents will have access to as a form of gesture from the travel accommodation thanking them for their business. When booking with a travel agency, one of the things that you will be able to do is have access to these great prices; prices that you normally would not be able to access on your own.

Another reason to book your next trip with a travel agent is that not only will you get access to the best prices, but you will also be completely pleased with how your trip is planned. Travel agents are not available just for booking hotels and flights anymore. They can also be used in so many different ways to make sure that every aspect of your trip is exactly what you are looking for. A travel agent can be used to find theater tickets, while making sure you have time to visit all of the right museums and clubs. If you want an insight on all of the best things to do and places to eat, your travel agent will gladly be able to provide that information for you. Working with a travel agent means that you will be able to plan your entire trip to ensure that you will not be missing out on anything!

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, a travel agent is going to be an advocate for you. When you plan a trip on your own, you are often left to fend for yourself if something should go unexpectedly wrong. If your flight is canceled or if you arrive and your hotel is not what you expected you have no one to turn to, to help you figure out the next step so that you can go back to enjoying your vacation. However, when you book through a travel agency, this becomes a situation which is much more favorable to you. When you have a travel agent that has booked your entire trip for you, it also means that you have a guarantee. If things go wrong while you are on your trip, or if something is not what you are looking for, your travel agent is just a phone call away. They will be able to get you on a new flight and change your accommodations so that you may go back to enjoying your retreat as soon as possible. Booking through a travel agent is similar to having travel insurance to help make sure that everything on your vacation goes smoothly.

Josh Webber is a freelance writer who writes about travel agencies and the travel industry, often focusing on a specific kind of trip like a cruise vacation.

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