A Travel Guide to Africa

Your idea of a holiday destination is usually that of an urbanized place, serene environment, a luxury hotel, shopping, eating and a lot of relaxation. Africa has it all in its excellent Western style cities. Amazingly, Africa has some parts, which do not serve all this but still are a major attraction for people around the world.
However, most of the parts of Africa that describe the real Africa are not much developed and this fact cannot be ignored. This is what makes it important to take safety and precautionary measures before and even during trip to Africa. In the first place, all vaccinations must be complete as there are bit chances of disease specially; aids, malaria, cholera and hepatitis. Unlike the usual first aid kit, the kit to Africa needs to have some things in addition.
One should always remember that the so-called ‘peak season’ is just that, and accommodation establishments tend to be booked well in advance. Many Safaris Lodges are small, and therefore space is at a premium. If you want to experience the majesty of the great migration in East Africa, it is advisable to book well in advance, likewise, if your interests are travelling to Cape Town, and the Winelands in December.
The islands of Zanzibar are also affected during this period. The dry seasons are generally better for game viewing, as game concentrates around the water sources. The weather patterns play a major role in the great migration, as the animals follow the new grasses, which are dependent upon the rainfall.
Another historical spot located in Cape Town is Robben Island, where outcasts and troublemakers were exiled and banished many, many years ago. South African President Nelson Mandela was once locked up there. The place holds too many secrets and mysteries that would keep your mind off the usual problems and issues that bother you.
The sophisticated tourist destination of Mauritius lies like a rich green emerald in the turquoise velvet of the Indian Ocean. Located 1 100 miles east of the African coast, the island is volcanic in nature, scenically captivating and spiced with a pot-pourri of Creole, Indian, Chinese and French cultures.
The cheapest time to visit South Africa is during the winter. However, if you want to enjoy some of the best weather in the world during summer (Nov to April) you can use cheap flight to South Africa. Information is freely available on comparative travel sites. You provide dates of departure and arrival and receive a price. You can also book a complete package deal that includes cheap flights, accommodation, meals and tours throughout.

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