A Career as a Travel Nurse

Travel nurses are healthcare professionals such as registered nurses or therapists who travel to various locations to work for certain portions of the year. They usually work up to four travel jobs per year. A travel nurse can work in any region in the United States and many International regions. Most nurses secure a travel nursing career through a reputable travel staffing agency.

A career as a travel nurse can be personally and financially rewarding. Most people who have experienced life as a travel nurse say it is an exciting profession and a great way to earn a living. A travel nurse will enjoy living in new and exciting locations, reside in wonderful accommodations, and work in excellent hospitals. Other benefits include:

Travel Assistance: Most reputable travel nurse agencies will arrange such travel details as directions and maps. They should also have a 24-hour emergency hotline.

Great Pay: While on assignment, travel nurses are offered comprehensive packages consisting of excellent pay with many benefits and bonuses. Annual earnings for an RN travel nursing jobs can be as high as $ 110,000.

Your Facility Choice: Most travel nurse agencies have available jobs in all 50 states and at the highest ranking hospitals.

Free Private Housing: Housing accommodations are selected by travel nurse agencies for their excellent services and amenities that may include spas, swimming pools, and fitness centers.

Flexible Work Schedule: Many nurses choose a career as a travel nurse because the stress of a traditional hospital can be the result of long hours and increased physical demands. Travel nurses have more flexible work schedules. It is often much easier for a travel nurse to plan for special engagements and vacations

Free Health and Dental Insurance: Travel nursing agencies offer many free comprehensive health plans to meet all their client’s needs. Dependents can also be covered at a nominal cost. Travel nurses can also receive supplemental insurance that provides income if they are unable to work as a result of a non-work-related illness. As well, professional liability insurance should be offered at no extra cost.

Work Protection Plan: A work protection program should be offered by a reputable travel nursing agency because it ensures that if a shift is cancelled, you will still be paid.

Travel Expenses Reimbursement: Most travel nursing agencies will provide travel allowance to nurses. Travel allowance may be given before you depart or as a reimbursement after you arrive.

Tax Advantage Plans: Tax laws allow full-time travel nurses to receive non-taxable credit for meals.

Licensure Reimbursement: Travel nurse agencies will reimburse nurses for their State Nursing Licensure fees for every travel assignment. They will also help travel nurses acquire a State Nursing License.

Auto Club Membership: Many travel nurse agencies offer a discount or free membership to an auto club. Travel nurses will have access to roadside assistance, hotel discounts, rental cars, free trip routing with detailed directions and maps, emergency check cashing, and no fee travelers checks.

401(k) Plan: Travel nurses can enroll in a retirement 401(k) plan where a portion of their earnings will go into a retirement savings plan.

Free Course Upgrades: Many travel nursing agencies will provide free education courses so nurses can keep up with new technology and education.

Referral Bonuses: Travel nursing agencies will give bonuses to travel nurses who recruit other health professionals into their travel nurse program.

While the pay and bonuses of a career in travel nursing are very rewarding, travel nursing positions are highly sought after. It is important that you keep up with modern education and experience. There are hundreds of agencies that specialize in placing travel nurses. Registering with several agencies will increase your assignment choices. With the right planning and knowledge, you will discover great joy with a career as a travel nurse.

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