What is Informaton Technology?

What is Information Technology?
1-Basic meaning

People on the definition, its purpose, scope, different levels and have different expressions:

Those who can extend people’s information technology functions can be called information technology.
“Contains communications, computers and computer languages, computer games, electronic technology, optical fiber technology.”
Modern information technology, “computer technology, microelectronics and communications technology features.”
IT refers to the computer and communications for the support of the acquisition, processing, storage, conversion, display and transmission of text, numbers, images and sound information, including the provision of equipment and methods to provide information services and equipment, the two aspects of the general.
IT research, including science, technology, engineering and management disciplines, these disciplines in management information, the transfer and processing, and related software and equipment and their interactions.
Application of information technology, including computer hardware and software, networking and communications technology, software development tools. Since the popularity of computers and the Internet, people are increasingly widespread use of computers to the production, processing, exchange and dissemination of information in various forms (such as books, business documents, newspapers, music, movies, television programs, voice, graphics, images, etc.).
3-Technical Category
Different manifestations can be divided into hard technology (physical and chemical technology) and soft technologies (dematerialization technology). The former refers to a variety of information devices and their features, such as microscopes, telephones, satellite communications, multi-media computers.
4-Social Function
Information Industry
With the rapid progress of information technology in the world, the world’s rapidly growing demand for information, information products and services for various countries, regions, enterprises, institutions, families, and individuals are essential. IT support has become today’s economic activity and social life of the cornerstone. In this case, the information industry has become the world, especially the developed countries competing for investment, focusing on the development of strategic industries.
5-Development Trend
Remarkable success to promote the application of IT to promote the world dedicated to information technology, and IT and driven by huge demand for the rapid development. The general trend of the current development of information technology is the development and application of Internet technology as the center.
6-The main features
Some will feature computer and network technology – digital, networked, multimedia, intelligence, virtualization, information technology as a feature. We believe that the characteristics of IT should be understood in the following two aspects:
IT has characteristics different from other technologies – informational. Specific performance: the core function is to improve the efficiency of information processing and utilization, and efficiency. Information from the disposition decisions also has a universality, objectivity, relativity, dynamic, sharing, and other characteristics can change.

7- Education System
IT education has two aspects of meanings:
The first refers to learning and mastery of information technology education. The second refers to the use. From the former education goals and contents of education to understand the education, the latter from the means and methods of education to understand the IT education. This makes it possible to “IT education” is defined as follows:
IT education refers to learning, training information literacy, to achieve learning and teaching theory and practice of optimization.

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