University Of Nebraska Technology Transfer

The university of Nebraska technology transfer services provided by UneMed benefits the university in more than one ways. If you are wondering what exactly is university technology transfer? Then you must know that technology transfer is nothing but sharing a certain innovative technology between two or more organizations. Usually, one institute develops a new technology for the public welfare and shares it with the other company and permits them for commercialization of the same. In this instance, the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) develops new health care technology and licenses the same to UneMed for commercialization of biomedical research projects.
University of Nebraska constantly carries out new research to develop new and innovative products or devise new techniques to improve the health care industry and license the technology in the research lab to UneMed. UneMed then share the technology with their several business partners so that they can also benefit from the technology sharing.
Once the business organizations are convinced about the potential of the technology to benefit the pubic and to earn them profits, the businesses reach an agreement in the technology transfer office. Thus, University of Nebraska technology transfer benefits both the university and the business that buys the technology. While, the university gets the licensing fees for their technology developed, the business uses the technology to develop them into a full finished products or service to be sold in the market and earn profits from it. It also helps the businesses to avoid incurring cost on research and development of the product.
The research and development carried out at the UNMC research center has opened up several new avenues for technology transfer. The new technology developed at UNMC in different fields like diagnostics, discovery of new drugs to treat critical diseases and biotechnology are transferred. Researchers develop these technologies and transfer it to other business through UneMed who have specialized skills and other facilities to tap the potential of the technology and convert it into a commercial product. Sometimes, the researchers at UNMC transfer the new technology developed to companies that have superior technology or manufacturing setup for marketing of the products.
A major benefit of university of Nebraska technology transfer is that it facilitates application of one technology in multiple fields other than where it was designed. The researchers may develop a certain technology for the benefit of a certain field but they can obtain research tools licensing for it to be used other fields as well. For instance, the UNMC researchers may develop a certain technology that would benefit the diagnostic applications, but they can also license the same technology to other business that is focused on developing tools for therapeutic applications. UNMC is able to license its technology through UneMed and benefit it from commercially.

University of Nebraska technology transfer allows the university to share its technology with other business through UneMed, which facilities the university sign the agreement with the business at technology transfer office .

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