The Benefits of Working with a Technology Lawyer

Technology lawyers are attorneys who focus on laws affecting telecommunications and other technology fields, including fiber optics, semiconductors, software, optics, nanotechnology, computers, circuits, and others just to name a few. If you own, operate, or work for a technology-based company, it may be of benefit to work with a technology lawyer so that you may understand the laws that influence your company, your work, and your industry. A technology lawyer is likely familiar with the laws touching upon various technologies, such as patent, trademarks, trade secrets, and copyrights law. These laws are sometimes collectively referred to as intellectual property (IP) laws.

How to Select the Right Attorney

When looking for a technology lawyer, your selection should be based on finding the attorney who is specifically experienced in the field and has a good track record/reputation. Look at the attorney’s past cases and how they were handled, as well at the attorney’s success rate in court as well as at the United States Patent and Trademark Office and United States Copyright Office. Apart from expertise in technology law, there are many other traits you should also consider.

First, the personality of the lawyer you select may matter. The client-lawyer relationship is very important because if you cannot communicate comfortably with your lawyer, working together could be difficult. You need a lawyer who has demonstrated he or she can, and will, communicate effectively. Look for someone who “clicks” with you right away. It is important to find an attorney who you believe will work well with you and your team.

Second, pay close attention to the lawyer’s behavior. Does he or she respond quickly? Is he or she professional and informative? You need a lawyer who will communicate regularly regarding your case to technology law matter. You may want to investigate whether there have been any client complaints. It will also help at the outset to discuss and agree to the best mode of communication. Some people prefer email to phone calls. Others, prefer in person meetings over detailed correspondence. You will likely be happier if you know what form of communication works best for you and discuss that with your prospective technology lawyer.

Third, scrutinize the lawyer’s qualifications. Technology law is specific in terms of the law as well as the type of technology involved, and you should hire a lawyer who has demonstrated his or her understanding, credentials, and qualifications in both the technology issues as well as the areas of law You should inquire about both of these topics.

Finally, find a technology lawyer who is willing to work with you through all circumstances. Your lawyer should regularly provide advice you and offer helpful and useful legal information. Keep in mind that technology lawyers can be expensive: on average, these specialized attorneys charge $ 300+ per hour. You need a flexible lawyer who can provide information efficiently to keep legal fees down. Also inquire about the lawyer’s billing practices. Do they bill in 6 minute increments or 15 minute increments? How often do they send their invoice?

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