Technology PR: The Performance Factor

Using technology PR as a tool for performance recognition is creative and credible. When done correctly, it is greatly beneficial to those in the technology industry as positioning them and making them more visible within the communities of key constituencies keeps companies ahead of their competition.

Earlier we used the term “performance recognition.” What do we mean by that? Companies in the technology industry can best utilize technology PR to gain recognition for what they do. Most of the companies in the technology industry are making advancements every day. It is unrealistic to receive recognition for each individual daily advancement, but recognition should be received for those break-through moments and that’s where a strategic technology PR pro comes. He or she can advise on how to handle new product releases, awards or significant research advances.

Once you have an achievement that seems appropriate for coverage, it is important to be visible and it is time to meet with your technology PR pro to map out a course of action. This can be done by using the news media to spread your story and give you that third-party stamp of approval. Using the media as the distributer of your story provides an objective view to the public. Your technology PR pro can help you hone in on the news outlets and reporters who would best fit with your story. Not every tech reporter is right, just because they are a tech reporter. Your technology PR pro can guide you here and most likely maintains relationships with the reporters who matter. Look at what the reporter or news outlet has been covering lately. This should align flawlessly with your story. Once you have found that perfect match, you can pitch your story and obtain the performance recognition you deserve.

Technology PR will not only draw attention to technology companies, but help them stand out from their competitors. Targeted technology PR can position you company as the thought leader in the industry. It is vital to be seen as a credible contender to those who know the ins and outs of the technology world. Being visible and talked about will also strengthen your company’s position to your key audiences. People talking about your company or product are one of the best forms technology PR. Word of mouth is trusted and valued. Hearing a positive review from a friend or neighbor can often outweigh an expert’s opinion. Likewise, a negative review can spread just as quickly and do a great amount of damage. These candid testimonials cannot be controlled. However, you increase their likelihood through positive publicity and effective technology PR.

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