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Supertech Limited is the first real estate developer in India to introduce an innovation in construction field called the Precast Technology. Considering the challenges faced in traditional style of construction, Supertech team, after immense research and effort has launched this technology under the brand name of Supercast under the company, Supertech Precast Technology Private Limited. The company has set up a state-of-art manufacturing unit in an area of 61,000 square meters in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. This unit has a production capacity of 5.0 Million sq. ft. area per annum where roofs, walls and floors of a precast house can be constructed. The Company has also set up two separate units in this factory – one for Hollow Core Slab and the other for Precast Wall Panels. All machines and units required to execute the process of construction is being imported from Germany.

Supertech, being the pioneers in Precast Construction offers the technology to other players in the industry for the construction of high rise, low rise, villas, townships and all kinds of structures.

R. K. Arora, Chairman & Managing Director of Supertech Limited enunciates about this technology – why there is a need of such a technology and how does this work.

The Precast technology is used to make building elements of columns, beams, walls and slabs in factory environment using high tech machines and these elements are later transferred to the site of construction to erect the building using cranes. Thus, there is also negligible site construction and the building is made in factory controlled construction.

The major advantage is reduced time of construction (atleast by 1/3rd), strict quality control, reduction in use of manpower /labor, etc.

In a country that has a staggering housing shortfall of nearly 27 million houses and inherent project execution challenges including shortages in skilled manpower, the current execution capacity based on traditional brick and mortar is hugely limited. Housing as an industry is still hand crafted and heavily dependent on manual labor and on-site construction, which leads to large amount of material wastage, labor inefficiency lack of quality control and delay in project delivery. To overcome these problems, the precast technology is the best solution.

In India, affordable and mass housing needs an approach which is of component based off-site production with supply chain linkages to the material suppliers and backward linkages to create skill manpower. This will help houses to be manufactured rather than built. Due to this extensive demand of housing units, the real estate market needs mass production where this technology will be of greatest help. With speedy production process a large number of units will be delivered in short span of time at an affordable cost – this technology cuts down the construction cost by 10-15% and if reduction is time is considered, the saving is much higher. Also, as this technology doesn’t need manpower and labor which has a huge shortfall in India, with less manpower and advanced production process, the technology will help the real estate sector grow in a big way consequently helping the masses of India.

The technology can be used in construction of high rise buildings which will prove beneficial to both the developers as well as the customers. Metro cities of India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Chennai are facing a lot of space crunch with more and more people migrating to the cities everyday creating further demand for housing. With this technology, construction of high rise buildings is also possible, which is an added advantage of this technology.

Precast Concrete Technology has already proved its worth in Europe, Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore and many other countries worldwide. The best part of the technology is that it not only speeds up the construction work but also enhances the quality of the final output. Also, it helps in creating bigger carpet area, which is of utmost importance to any customer. In a precast house, a defined space is left for windows, doors and all fittings such as Electrical, Plumbing, TV, Telephone, etc., which shall be laid before concreting. Everything will be controlled and monitored through computerized process which ultimately helps in making the structure stronger and better shaped.

The technology has never been used in constructing the real estate projects in India. As of now, the technology has been used only in developing infrastructure like bridges, flyovers, stadium, halls and also the Metro Rails.

Some Important aspects about Precast Technology:

* The use of this technology expedites the construction work
* The quality of the construction is better compare to normal method
* It is independent of weather conditions
* The precast panels helps in creating bigger carpet area
* The use of this technology does not need plastering because it makes the surface very smooth
* Precast concrete material is corrosion resistant and can be used in very aggressive environment
* Structures like sports stadiums and halls can be constructed through this technology as the material used is such which is free from noise vibration
* Customization in structures is possible – Precast structures can be molded as per convenience & utility

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