Silicon India honors Clearpath Technology as ‘The Full-Size Organic SEO Engine of the Customers’

Clearpath Technology Private Limited, an esteemed internet marketing company has bagged the honor of being the cover story of one of the leading technology and business digital magazine, The Silicon India. The magazine has dedicated its cover page and cover story section over Clearpath Technology with a 4 paged detailed article.

The print edition of Silicon India describes the Company in and as ‘The Full-Size Organic SEO Engine of the Customers’. This article is an epitome of contribution of Clearpath Technology in the industrial sector, SEO and Internet marketing. It enlightens you with the journey of Deepak Bansal, the founder and CEO of this internet marketing company; as to how he and his entire team strives to cater every demand and project that comes their way with total fluidity and zeal. The write up is indeed an inspiring one to many aspiring businessmen, especially in the SEO and Internet marketing zone.

Starting with the first SEO project for Rebekah Fensome, an accredited life coach, a Counselor and Yoga Instructor and a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Clearpath Technology made her low ranked page achieve a first page rank within a year’s time with excellent SEO services. The SEO experts of Clearpath Technology not only analyzed her business model but also chalked out a customized technique, exclusive to her business style. This approach brought tremendous improvement in the business’ online presence.

“This is how my team operates. Our passion and drive for results gets us to innovate and deliver the best out of every project we undertake.”

~ Deepak Bansal, Founder & CEO, Clearpath Technology on being a result and customer oriented company

The Dawn of the elite

Deepak Bansal, the man behind Clearpath Technology debuted in the area of SEO in the early age of 18 that later on led to the rise of the leading SEO and Internet marketing company, Clearpath Technology Private Limited. He sensed and tapped the potential of Internet marketing to cater the ever growing need of Internet marketing solutions across the globe. The magazine captures and displays straight from the horse’s mouth as to how the team of Clearpath Technology have endured the test of time and met the breakneck challenges with desired results. With an unwavering commitment, impeccable service quality and excellent staff, this esteemed internet marketing Company has helped many business bodies globally to accelerate in their profits.

This article also throws light on Clearpath Technology’s credentials including the well-structured and spacious offices located in Delhi (headquarters) and Mumbai. This well managed company has 550 employees and more than 3500 clients including big brands like Samsung, JP Morgan, Panasonic, LG, Colgate, Sanyo and so forth. Clearpath Technology has also managed to get certified under ISO 9001:2008. The internet marketing company has proved its mettle with its ‘out of the box’ thinking and by catering to the widest range of services including pay per click management, social media marketing, reputation management and local listings.

The founder has also been quoted saying that Yogesh Sethi, CTO of the company has a major hand in bringing this company to great heights. With a huge experience of 11 years in the area of Internet Marketing, strong leadership skills and a sharp vision, Yogesh Sethi has persistently led Clearpath Technology towards the path of success day by day.

Mission of the company

The online advertising is nowadays the fastest growing segment. Clearpath Technology intends to target this portion of advertising world and bridge the gap between the demand and supply of digital marketing solutions.

“We use only White-hat SEO techniques and a content-focused marketing tactic for the sincere success of our clients’ businesses.”

~ Deepak Bansal, Founder & CEO, Clearpath Technology on their work approach

Silicon India mentions that Clearpath Technology never fails to abide by their ‘four pillars of truthful promises’: rational pricing, monthly reporting, regular contract and keeping it transparent. The company never hesitates to keep absolute transparency and to apply the ‘bull’s eye strategy’ that is, to be time bound with every service.

En route to the future

Clearpath Technology dreams to be the behemoth of SEO and Internet marketing industry. The humble, slow and steady start of Deepak Bansal has helped this firm to come all this way. With the award of Best Internet Marketing Company – Delhi 2015 by Global Quality Awards as a feather in the cap, Clearpath Technology has plans to go a long way. Clearpath Technology works on every aspect right from the employees to the clients.

“My aim is to look at a 200 percent growth every year, helping everyone in the Clearpath family, including employees, clients and company, benefit and flourish from the same”

~ Deepak Bansal, Founder & CEO, Clearpath Technology on their future plans

As quoted by Silicon India, according to Deepak Bansal, Clearpath Technology is gearing up to become the Numero Uno in the space of Internet Marketing as extensions of boundaries to US, UK and other European Countries are on the cards within this financial year.

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