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What do cell phones, mp3 players and “as seen on TV” products all have in common? The answer, they are all products that stay on the cutting edge of technology. The fact that a footwear company and a computer manufacturer would team up together is astonishing. Nike and Apple joined forces together in 2006 to create the Apple+Nike shoe. This shoe fused Nike’s design technology with Apple’s innovative iPod. A Nano is contained in the shoes sole. With Apple selling over one million iPhones and over 3 billion songs on iTunes, you can see how Apple is leading the pack in developing technologically advance products. This is only a portion of what they have going on in the field of technology.

Blu Ray Technology
The blu-ray was developed by several consumer electronics groups including Apple, Hitachi, HP, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Samsung, and Thomson. There has to be a union amongst companies before new products can be made. Each company stands to make money from the various components that often compliment technology products. Blu Ray disk would be useless to produce without a compatible television that could deliver the quality that blu ray offers. Panasonic is now turning out blu ray recorders in addition to its plasma televisions.

Camera Phone Technology
Cameras technology has advanced past a professional level where consumers can produce the same traditional picture quality as photo studios. The Nikon D90 prosumer DSLR camera for instance can create stunning still pictures in addition to High Definition (HD) video. Nokia’s N85 Mobile Phone includes games, music, gps and a camera. Samsung’s G810 camera phone technology features wifi, gps and TV output settings. The i8510 by Samsung is a prime example of several technologies being incorporated into phones. According to Samsung’s Electronics sales and marketing assistant manager Philippe El Nakour, The Samsung Innov8 uses the latest in imaging applications, such as smile shot, blink shot, and face recognition.

Video Game Systems
Out of all of the video game systems on the market, Nintendo’s Wii is by far the most compact in size. This compact video game console with its Wi-Fi Connection allows users from around the world to compete against each other. Other features include two slots for memory cards and a 20GB hard drive on basic models. With the introduction of the Xbox 360 to the market, players were introduced to quite a few unique features with this console.

There is a marketplace were games and other entertainment content can be purchased. The technology that drives this generation of gaming systems is the online capabilities. They blend the standard game play with all of the latest computer technology has to offer. Cd and DVD play along with video games and USB 2.0 ports make this system a hot item. Sony’s PlayStation 3 incorporates the same blu ray technology mentioned above in its disc formatting. The PS3 was the first console on the market to offer a 2x speed Blu-ray Disc drive. In less than two years on the market, the PS3 has established itself as one of the best selling consoles out.

Whether it is blu ray, camera phones or video game systems, technology driven products are readily available to consumers at low rates. In fact, technology and knowledge are growing so rapidly that the market price quickly drops soon after they are released.

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