Iowa Technology Education Connection: Promoting The Use Of Technology In Education

Technology is everywhere, related to practically all areas of human life. Technologies will forever be a part of people’s lives so it is best to use technologies when educating students even in the grade school levels. The more confident the students are with using technology, the more open they can become to changes in technologies and the world. Technology is also meant to assist humans in their functions and endeavors which mean using technology can actually enhance the teaching experience of the educator and the learning experience of the students. Technology can make learning fun and easy for students so educators should not hesitate to maximize whatever technologies are available to them.

The Iowa Technology Education Connection is an organization that promotes the use of technology in education in the state of Iowa. The organization demonstrates to educators, students and member companies how technologies are continuously developing and how they support teaching and learning.

The organization conducts an annual technology conference every October. These annual conferences provide members with opportunities to network. The organization
connects with legislative groups, the department of education and other industry and professional organizations.

Members of the organization enjoy information resources as well as advocacy from the group. The organization represents the members when it comes to pushing for the use of technology in education in Iowa when it comes to public policy and legislature. There are many more benefits in joining the organization including the opportunity to network with educators, private companies and other individuals and groups related to the advocacy of using technology in education. The organization also promotes the advocacy in various statewide and nationwide conferences which helps gain support for the advocacy.

Aside from the annual conference that the organization hosts, the group also holds an ITECH Awards. The ITEC Awards is held annually and covers the following categories: Administrator, Educator, Local and State Leadership. Awards are given to the winners during the annual conference. The Awards are open even to those who are not members of the organizations. Only vendors participating in the conference are not eligible for the awards.

For the award criterion of Educator, the award is open to teachers who use technology in the classroom to teach students. For the Administrator Award, principals, superintendents and other people in administrative positions may be nominated provided that they push for the use of technology in the school or district where he/she is in charge. The Local Technology Leadership Awards is given to a local leader that supports the cause. The State Technology Leadership award is given to a leader in Iowa who supports the use of technology in education. The state leader must prove to have significant influence within the state.

With the efforts of individual members and the organization, there should be more educational institutions in the State of Iowa who will be utilizing technology in education.

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