Does VoIP help the Environment

Do you know VoIP has a very positive effect on the environment and indirectly helps in restoring the nature’s balance? We are living in times when forests are being cleared to build cities and accommodate the growing needs of space for human beings on earth. Deforestation has a very serious impact on the environmental balance and will take us to near extinction if we do not take some urgent measures. We all can help save the environment by taking small positive steps that help to save Mother Nature and leave behind a better earth for the future generations.

What can be done with VoIP?

There are several things that we can do without spending too much money and time. One such contribution that we can towards saving the environment is switch over to VoIP telephony for our enterprise communication. The environmental benefits of using VoIP include reduction of resources, reduction in travel and lower consumption of energy. VoIP facilitates virtual communication in an organization, which directly results in cutting down our needs for paper usage, physical storage and IT hardware. Cutting down on paper and equipment usage will have direct and long-lasting impact on the environment. We all are aware that trees across the world are being felled to meet the growing demand for paper. However, if we are able to bring down our paper usage, we will help save a number of trees.

How VoIP is Green?

VoIP offers video conferencing, audio conferencing and voicemail, which brings down the travel needs of an organization. The lesser number of travelers will lead to lesser fuel consumption, which again will impact the pollution levels positively. We will be able to cut down on emission and help keep our environment cleaner. Travel will be immensely decreased because you will be able to conduct all your meetings through video conferencing. Important communication can be carried out with voicemail and you can even collaborate through audio conferencing. Thus, the number of business trips will be greatly reduced, which will impact the bottom-line of your company too.

Act Now to Enjoy the Benefits

VoIP is a revolutionary technology that not only turns business communication efficient but also save the environment. If you are a business owner who wants to do something for the environment then it is time that you switch from your old cranky PSTN phone and switch over to VoIP. You will be able to cut down on your travels because VoIP will give you ample tools and applications to maintain constant communication with your colleagues, clients and business associates.

Help All Employees

Even the remote employees will be able to benefit from VoIP as they would be able to maintain effective and strong communication with the head office by availing the centralized VoIP-based communication system. They will never really have to bother about taking print outs of the official documents nor will they have to travel frequently to the head office to attend meetings or conferences.

A recent study has revealed that if half of the American workforce is able to telecommute then it will result in a huge decrease (about 53 million metric tons) in greenhouse gas emissions. Switching to VoIP might involve a little investment, but it not very high; however, you are also able to contribute towards energy conservation. VoIP systems are known to use lesser energy than their TDM counterparts thus allowing you to make your contribution towards energy conservation.

The best thing about adjustments to preserve our environment is that even the smallest business can make a significant contribution. Small or large organizations will be able to cut down on their energy usage and result in a better future for our earth.

Go green because that is the least we can do for our earth!

Tiffany Torbert is excited with the new technologies that are threatening to change the way we stay in touch and communicate, particular in business. She works with companies that are introducing these technologies to make understanding them easy for regular people.

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