Can Travel Technology Boost Travel Agency Business?

In the travel industry efficiency is the key to success. Automation of operations helps achieving the efficiency, in other words via technology. Having surveyed the market I realize that availability of travel technology is not a problem but understanding the implications of technology with respect to travel agency’s operations is a big challenge. Therefore the first question which would come in the mind of any travel agent would be can travel technology actually boost his travel operations? If yes, then how?

The answer to this question lies in the travel agency’s two core operations which are continuous communication and processing of information. Therefore use of technology becomes unavoidable. Successful travel agencies across the world will have one thing in common an efficient technology system to support their travel operations. We are talking about the technology which promotes the products in cheaper and interactive way; it can enhance the product attributes at the same time used for maintaining relationships with customers. The technology provides the travel agencies with huge potential for expansion of their operations and makes higher profitability as their cost of operation is lower even at thinner margins. With the high level of competition the travel agent has to be at par with the market changes which can be accomplished by using advance technology systems. The visible implications of using travel technology can be seen clearly in lower working cost, monitoring of assets, analysis of market trends and better supplier contracting. The manual tasks are almost reduced to nil through technology. Imagine yourself saving time from day-to-day mundane travel activities and focus on increasing personal productivity and organizational effectiveness.

Whether you use travel agency technology to automate or you start slowly by making simple changes to your manual processes, the first step to improvement has already begun. Travel agents need to constantly redesign and redefine their role and that of their business. Technology has provided the travel agents with solid foundation on which they can build and develop their businesses.

The online travel industry is facing numerous difficulties such as rising costs, meeting dynamic customer expectations and enormous economic pressures. Even though technology has grasped travel through consistent investments and innovations but the concern is that of dissemination. The technology is still out of reach of travel agents who either cannot afford it or are not aware of it. Travel technology companies have been focusing on travel agents, offering them various solutions. A significant opportunity still lies unexploited in this case. In present scenario, for travel agents use of new technologies would become more competitive. Considering the fact travel agents are closely connected to the customers or the end users in the distribution chain. The competitive advantage in this case is that of the travel agent who can offer skill and experienced consultancy to meet the specific needs of the traveler or the customers. Therefore adoption of new technologies must result in benefits to travel agents who look for providing a truly value added service to its customers.

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