Vitamin Benefits

Vitamin benefits are substantial. From multi vitamins that offer our body all of the missing nutrients we do not get from eating the wrong foods, to supplements that boost energy, stave off disease, increase libido, and build our immunity. There are many different vitamin benefits.

Most doctors will advise you to take a multivitamin supplement. A multivitamin supplement gives us the nutrients we lack in our daily diets. Many of us do not get the proper vitamins that are derived from certain foods for a variety of reasons. In the world of today, everyone is in a hurry and many of us do not eat right. In addition, many essential vitamin benefits are derived from foods that certain people do not like to eat. Our body still needs these vitamins, however, so taking a supplement is one good way to get the nutrients needed without having to eat foods we do not like.

Vitamin benefits vary as do the different types of vitamins themselves. Vitamin A, for example, has many different benefits. It is shown to be a proven antioxidant and can protect against cancer. Vitamin A is also very useful in curing skin disorders, such as acne. It can even reverse cornea damage in some people.

Foods that are high in Vitamin A contain carrots, broccoli, dairy products, greens, peaches, liver, cherries and squash. When taking Vitamin A, one must be careful about overdosing on this vitamin. Symptoms of a Vitamin A overdose include nausea, vomiting, dry skin and fatigue and may even include hair loss.

Another essential vitamin that provides wonderful vitamin benefits is Vitamin B-1. The vitamin benefits of B-1 include helping with respiratory disorders, acne, fatigue, weakness and effectively fighting off many different diseases. Foods that are high in Vitamin B-1 include broccoli, cauliflower, nuts, eggs, rice, asparagus, turkey, peas, and parsley to name a few.

Vitamin benefits derived from Vitamin B-2 include aiding the body during pregnancy as well as healing wounds and mouth irritations. Many women who become pregnant suffer from anemia and for this reason, Vitamin B-2, along with iron supplements, helps them avoid some of the fatigue that often accompanies the condition. If you have cracked lips, burning eyes, hair loss or insomnia, you may be suffering from a lack of Vitamin B-2. Speak to your doctor about your symptoms as a Vitamin B-2 supplement may be the answer to your problems.

Vitamin B-3 controls cholesterol levels and is used in combination of other medications to treat cardiovascular disease. Vitamin B-3 contains Niacin which has also been used to treat schizophrenia. If you are suffering from fatigue, insomnia, depression or poor concentration, you may have a Vitamin B-3 deficiency. Vitamin benefits from Vitamin B-3 are many and this is one nutrient that you do not want to do without.

Vitamin benefits from Vitamin B-4, which is adrenine, include alleviating fatigue, strengthening the immune system and balancing blood sugar. This vitamin helps with low blood sugar, anemia, allergies, infections, constipation and also stunted growth. Children who do not appear to be growing at a normal rate are often injected with Vitamin B-4 injections. Recent studies have indicated that Vitamin B-4 can help with cancer.

Vitamin B-5 is widely available in most of our foods and actually converts fats and carbohydrates to energy and protein. Vitamin benefits from B-5 are used in post surgical procedures as well as by those who suffer from obesity. Too much of this vitamin, however, can produce diarrhea.

Vitamin benefits from Vitamin B-6 also help convert protein and carbohydrates to energy and helps with anemia and depression. If you are suffering from depression, nausea, vomiting and even symptoms of PMS, ask your doctor about taking a vitamin B-6 supplement that may alleviate your symptoms.

Vitamin B-8 is found in liver, yeast, nuts, chocolate, chicken, eggs, mushrooms, salmon, grains and cauliflower. The vitamin benefits of B-8 are needed for growth as well as the central nervous system and skin and bone marrow. In some cases, Vitamin B-8 is used to treat certain skin disorders.

Many women who are thinking about becoming pregnant are now advised to take Folic Acid, which is found in Vitamin B-9. It is believed that the vitamin benefits of B-9 can prevent birth defects as well as treat anemia. It is advised that women begin taking supplements of this vitamin prior to becoming pregnant.

Vitamin B 10, which is Paba, is not really considered a vitamin, but is used as a sunscreen and is essential for those who wish to avoid the ultraviolet rays in the sun that can cause skin cancer. Vitamin B 10 is not used orally, but directly on the skin. Years ago, Vitamin B 10 was used to fight rheumatic fever.

Vitamin benefits from Vitamin B-12 include relief from menopause as well as anemia. It is also believed that one of the vitamin benefits of B-12 can cure warts. People who are suffering from lower back pain, mental problems, memory loss, weakness and fatigue may actually have a deficiency in Vitamin B-12. A simple blood test to measure the levels off this vitamin in your body can determine if you are indeed suffering from such a deficiency and the solution can be easily remedied with a supplement.

Clearly there are many different Vitamin Benefits from the many different types of Vitamin B. Many people take a Vitamin B complex to alleviate confusion over which vitamin B they should take. A vitamin B complex has many vitamin benefits and is usually the best choice for those who want to make sure they are getting plenty of the essential vitamins found in the B vitamins.

Vitamin benefits from Vitamin C are many. This essential vitamin is proven to ward off colds, prevent some cancers and heal wounds. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and many people swear that by taking Vitamin C, they actually ward off colds. Toxicity from vitamin C is rare as it would take very large doses to cause harm. However, excessive use of vitamin C can produce a false positive in a urine glucose test.

Vitamin D is often found in dairy products and is known to promote strong bones and teeth. It is also essential in the prevention of osteoporosis, and most post-menopausal women are advised to take supplements of Vitamin D to ward off this crippling disease.

Vitamin benefits from Vitamin E range from repairing skin, reducing smoking lung damage and helping with drug therapies for those undergoing cancer treatment. People who have deficiencies of Vitamin E may experience muscle weakness, anemia, increased infections and even fibrocystic breast disease.

Vitamin K is useful in controlling blood clots. This vitamin is found in many foods and is rarely toxic, even if taken to great extremes. Most vegetables contain this valuable vitamin.

Vitamin benefits vary from treating skin diseases, preventing sunburn, curing colds to preventing cancer. Before beginning on any vitamin regiment, consult with your physician. In many cases, a good multivitamin may be all you need to make sure that your body is getting the right amount of the valuable properties found in the above mentioned vitamins.

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