Vitamin D is steroid vitamin, a group of fat-soluble prohormones that encouraged the absorption and metabolism of the body. Sunlight promotes sufficient quantity of vitamin D therefore, people who are exposed to sunlight does not require vitamin D supplements. There are five forms of vitamin D i.e. D1 D2 D3 D4 D5, among these five forms two are important for human body such as vitamin D2 and vitamin D3.

Vitamin D helps to maintain the blood calcium level within a narrow range that is necessary for the normal functioning of nervous system. It promotes for the growth of bone and for the maintenance of bone density. Vitamin D is essential for utilization of the calcium by the body. Vitamins D have several different effects on the immune system of the body that enhances the development and strength of the body.

The active form of vitamin D plays a role in insulin secretion under condition of increased insulin demand. Limited data in humans suggests that insufficient vitamin D levels may have adverse effect on insulin secretion and glucose tolerance in type2 diabetes. More studies are needed on the role vitamin D and diabetes. Adequate vitamin D level is required to control high blood pressure.

Cellular differentiation results in the specialization of cells for specific functions in your body. In general, differentiation of cells leads to a decrease in proliferation. While cellular proliferation is essential for growth and wound healing, uncontrolled proliferation of cells with certain mutations may lead to diseases like cancer. The active form of vitamin D inhibits proliferation and stimulates the differentiation of cells.

Vitamin D is naturally found in many of the food. Consuming these will help you to stay away from all those problems that occur due to deficiency of vitamin D. consumption of sufficient amount of vitamin D will help you to grow the way you should. Seafood is the best source of vitamin D for example fish. Munching 3-4 ounces of salmon provides adequate level of vitamin D. tuna a, mackerel, sardines and herring contains the adequate amount of vitamin D.

Egg is another vitamin D rich food. All vitamin D is concentrated in the yellow part of the egg i.e. yolk. Eating egg in moderation can benefit you the most as yolk contains high level of cholesterol. Cod liver oil is acquires substantial amount of sunshine vitamin. Mushroom plays a vital role in synthesizing vitamin D. mushrooms are considered to be the best sunlight absorbent, most of the light that falls on these mushroom is absorbed by them.
Calcium deficiency is directly related to the deficiency of vitamin D.

Deficiency of vitamin D obstructs the absorption of calcium, which adversely affects the joints and bones of the body. A diet lacking in vitamin D can cause osteoporosis and joint pain. Deficiency of vitamin D in kids leads to rickets; a condition is typically characterized by skeletal deformities. People who drink iced tea and soft drink generally suffer from the deficiency of vitamin D.
It is necessary to include vitamin D in your diet. But, Consuming too much of vitamin is also not good for health therefore, it is vise to consider doctor if you need to consume vitamin D supplements or not.

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