Penis Protection 101 – Why All Men Need their Vitamin C

There is nothing quite like starting the day off with a big glass of orange juice. Full of potassium, thiamin, folate and vitamin C, OJ is known for its health benefits and is a go-to drink for many people at the first sign of the sniffles. What most people do not know; however, is that the vitamin C in everybody’s favorite juice boosts more than one’s immunity. Vitamin C also boasts below the belt benefits — that’s right — it provides outstanding penis protection. So drink up, OJ lovers; that sweet stuff is good for the entire body.

The Many Ways Vitamin C Works in the Body

As an antioxidant: Vitamin C has been found to have antioxidant properties – meaning it fights cancer causing free radicals in the body – which is certainly a good reason to stock up on C-rich fruits and veggies. Free radicals can be contributing factors to serious conditions such as cancer – including testicular cancer – heart disease, cardiovascular disease, and arthritis.

As an antihistamine: Vitamin C is a natural antihistamine that prevents a histamine reaction and helps to detoxify the body of allergens. Men and women struggling with allergies should seek out extra C to keep the sniffles at bay.

To boost the immune system: Studies have found that vitamin C shows up in high doses in immune cells and is quickly depleted when the body is weakened by illness or even stress. Individuals working in high stress jobs may be wise to swap out a cup of coffee for some OJ each day, as the vitamin C may help keep an overstressed body healthy.

To fight the signs of aging skin: Vitamin C has been found to give skin that youthful glow everyone is after these days. In fact, it has been showing up in lotions and creams specially formulated for healthy skin – to give the skin an extra boost. Vitamin C has been found to improve the appearance of skin by decreasing the wrinkled appearance, reducing dryness and overall keeping it younger looking.

To repair tissue: Vitamin C is essential to the body’s ability to grow and repair damaged tissue. It helps restore collagen, speeds healing to wounds and tissue damage, and helps keep the teeth, bones and cartilage of the body strong and healthy.

To keep the penis healthy: Perhaps the most beneficial factor of vitamin C – at least for men – is the way it works to keep the penis healthy. Vitamin C not only pumps up the body’s production of collagen – which is critical for achieving firm erections – it also helps ward off erectile dysfunction, otherwise known as ED. One of the most common causes of ED in a man is poor circulation to his love stick. After all, poor circulation means limited blood flow, and without a healthy amount of blood, it is difficult for the penis to become engorged. Vitamin C works to support and heal the tiny blood vessels in the circulatory system, including those down below. Additionally, it works to keep the heart and cardiovascular system healthy, which is integral to pumping the blood throughout the body as well.

Getting Vitamin C Every Day

With all the benefits of vitamin C, it is definitely a vitamin to stock up on. Unfortunately, vitamin C is water-soluble, meaning it is not stored in the body, but is excreted in the urine, so eating a bag of oranges once a week does not keep the body stocked with vitamin C. Instead, it is important to take in the essential nutrient every day so the body has a constant supply of vitamin C at the ready. Of course, there are many food options outside of OJ to intake the vitamin. Many fruits and veggies contain vitamin C, so that is a good place to start. One should hit up citrus fruits, but also try Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, sweet potatoes, pineapples, watermelon and kiwi for good sources of C.

Vitamin C Supplements

Men who have difficulty taking in 90 mg/day, which is the Recommended Daily Allowance of vitamin C, may also try supplements to stock up. Vitamin C is available both as a stand-alone supplement and part of a multivitamin. Men who would like maximize the benefits of vitamin C directly on the penis; however, would be wise to use a daily penis vitamin creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). A specially formulated penis creme can deliver nutrients directly to the penis skin, where they are easily absorbed, to maximize the benefits to the area. Simply integrate the vitamins into the daily grooming routine by generously massaging the creme on after a shower, and be on the way to a healthier penis.

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