Is Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Hypertension?

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. It’s great to hear from my clients because they ask great questions and I get to share the information with others.

Vitamin D deficiency is something people have asked about as it relates to different health problems.

Vitamin D is actually several different vitamins ” Vitamin D2 and D3 specifically. Vitamin D3 is produced when a persons skin is exposed to sunlight or ultraviolet light. In fact, sunlight is the easiest way to get the required amount of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is important because it allows the body to process calcium and phosphorus, providing for strong bones. It is also important in the maintenance of the bodys organs, including the heart.

Studies have shown that a Vitamin D deficiency in conjunction with hypertension makes an individual twice as likely to suffer from a cardiac event (stroke, heart attack, etc.)

Is there a Way to determine if lack of Vitamin D might be my problem?

Your doctor can perform a simple blood test to see if you are Vitamin deficient. This is the easiest way to tell since the symptoms of this vitamin deficiency are subtle and mask other disease symptoms (high blood pressure, bone diseases, periodontal disease, etc.)

Different groups are more susceptible to Vitamin D deficiencies than others. Older adults cannot synthesize the vitamin as well and therefore, need more Vitamin D to process. They also tend to avoid exposure to sunlight more than younger adults or children.

People who have limited exposure to ultraviolet light also have in increased chance of having the vitamin deficiency. This would include people who live in areas that dont receive as much sunlight, women who cover their skin due to religious reasons or those who are employed in fields where they are constantly indoors and out of the sun.

People with darker skin are also at a greater risk for Vitamin D deficiency as darker skin does not produce Vitamin D as easily as lighter skin.

People who are obese stand an increased chance for Vitamin D deficiency. While their skin still converts sunlight to Vitamin D, it is not as easily distributed throughout the body via circulation as with people of a healthy weight.

I recommend first talking to your doctor, but spending about ten minutes per day in the sun can help you obtain the necessary Vitamin D.

Many foods contain Vitamin D either naturally or enhanced ” Cod, salmon, mackerel, tuna, milk, eggs, cereal. Consult your doctor to ensure you are eating the required amount to maintain adequate Vitamin D production.

Oral supplements are another option for treating Vitamin D deficiency but should be monitored by your physician since taking too much of this vitamin can adversely affect your health.

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