IIFP explained MBA finance as Superior Career in India

MBA or Master of Business Administration is one of the best known and among the most recognized degrees in the world today. In every sector whether it is private sector ,public sector , an NGO or in Government job an MBA degree holder undoubtedly scores more points over non MBA holder. This degree improves the marketability of the candidates in the job market. MBA Finance increases the job opportunities, helps in changing careers or better qualifies one for a career advancement or helps one to start one’s own business. This course gives a better understanding and use of the subjects like accounting, banking and economics etc. which are all vital to any enterprises. Any student can avail finance, student loan, personal loan from the financial institution or banks easily.


Graduates with MBA in finance get an opportunity to get employed in both private and public sectors as insurance manager, a risk manager, cash manager, credit manger treasurer officer or finance officer. There are so many types of varieties in India for you in the field of investment companies, mutual funds, banks and financial institutions. There is a wide scope of finance careers in India. Companies want to hire experienced and knowledgeable finance managers who can increase profits and decrease risk. Finance managers are required for major market happenings like mergers, consolidations, financing and international expansion, etc.

Options Available:

After the globalization and liberalization there is so much competition in market between different companies they are trying their level hard to increase profit and reduces their overheads expenses for this, the companies need finance experts to handle this job so there are many types of finance jobs in India. MBA Finance is becoming a very popular choice among the many specialization options offered in the MBA course. Most companies prefer MBAs for their top management positions.
The finance executives are responsible for supervising the creation of the fiscal reports, cash management strategies and investing activities. Those who earn an MBA in Finance develop skills suited for management and professional duties. They can also have jobs in credit management where they would oversee a firm’s finances. An MBA in Finance looks good on resume and shows that a person has knowledge of finance it increases the marketability and versatility. The salaries of a qualified MBA are among the best anywhere. A student from MBA graduate has so many options in finance careers in India. As a finance manager a candidate can get Rs. 50,000 to Rs.60, 000 easily as starting salary especially in the private sector.


An MBA in Finance can be beneficial for those who want to start their own business .It not only increases knowledge but also the personality and the skills to tackle the problems. Study of finance includes core subjects like accounting, business economics, core banking and market structure which are essential for the operation of the business. After this degree, a candidate becomes aware of market scenario and learns to capitalize the skills and experience gained while pursuing the degree.

Notable institutions:

Choosing a renowned institute is very important and crucial decision to face the future competition in the finance industry good institute benefit in all ways at the time of recruitment, developing skills, personality and knowledge. The demand of the good and lucrative students can never be less in the insurance management, finance market and risk management they having an immense opportunity. Some of the Top MBA colleges in India known for their MBA in Finance are IIMs, ICFAI, S.P. Jain, Norse Monjee, Dalmia etc.

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