Cheap Car Finance for Every Budget

A car is pretty much a necessity in modern Britain. Transport links are often not sufficient enough to get us where we need to be when we need to be there and they are becoming increasingly expensive, so the car has become an invaluable part of modern life, enabling us to travel to work and school or go shopping whenever we need to. So, it is a good think that cheap car finance is now so readily available, making it easy for everyone who needs a car to gain ownership of a vehicle.

Cheap Car Finance

Many people simply cannot afford to buy a car outright and this means that they need to make use of a car finance deal. Traditionally, car finance deals have been expensive and unavailable to those with poor or bad credit scores and this has left a lot of people stranded without a suitable vehicle.

Luckily, cheap car finance is now available to people of all financial backgrounds. It does not matter whether you have a bad credit score, or a patchy credit history, it is now possible to find cheap car finance deals to suit your needs.

Cheap car finance can be procured whether the buyer is looking to buy a new or a used car, so they really are useful to everyone.

Secured Finance

If you have a good credit history and a decent monthly income and assets, then secured car finance may be ideal for you. This allows you to borrow money by pledging a valuable asset. Quite often, this is the car you are buying.

You can get some very cheap secured finance deals today but, of course, they are not suitable for everyone and an unsecured deal may be more appropriate.


If you have bad credit and are frustrated by being turned down for cheap car finance, don’t despair, there are companies out there who are willing to lend to you. If you have a regular income of around £700 per month or more and hold a valid EU license, you could easily secure cheapo car finance if you shop around.

Powerlease Ltd is a quality used car dealership who offers cheap car finance deals to all of their customers. If you have struggled to find car finance in the past, visit them today to see what they can do for you.

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