Carlyle Finance offers centralisation and friendly support to its dealerships

Deciding which dealer finance organisation to opt for can be a difficult process. It seems that the marketplace has split so that there are two common forms of organisations that vary in nature.

On one hand there are finance organisations that function in a timely manner; they process proposals and pay- out effectively because they operate from one centralised location. Whilst it seems that this set up is ideal in offering the best car loan service it is only admirable until problems arise. Should contact need to be made, dealerships are known as a mere number in a crowd.

On the other hand, it could be decided that what is needed is a finance organisation that tries to offer the best car loan service through understanding problems, and spends time to help resolve issues. However, this comes at a cost and that cost is time. It tends to mean proposals and payouts are slower- being of a more traditional nature operated through local branches. With money invested into problem solving, money is taken out of investments in speedy operations, meaning this isn’t always the best car loan option in terms of pure efficiency.

With opposing sides of the marketplace it is sometimes difficult to decide which finance organisation is going to add the most value. With such a decision to be made, Carlyle Finance has the answer.

Carlyle Finance has proved that it operates extremely effectively from a centralised location, being able to process proposals and payouts quicker than any other finance organisation and has invested heavily in its customer service teams to ensure dealerships are heard and the right support is given.

Carlyle Finance has grown by 70% in the past year with some of the fastest business operations. Its turnaround times for April averaged 30 minutes, with underwriting averaging 18 minutes and BACS payments averaging an impressive 46 minutes. This is coupled with average service standards rating 8.5 out of ten over the past ten months, measured through its operations and effectiveness in building quality relationships. This proves that Carlyle is exceptionally successful in providing a rounded service.

Karl Werner, Head of Sales and Marketing at Carlyle Finance reflects, “We are dedicated to offering the fastest operations and the highest level of support so that dealerships get the best car loan service on the market. Many will say that if you want speed then you choose a centralised finance company but if you want personal service and a friendly voice on the end of the phone you choose a local branch proposition. The modern motor-retailing market is not that black and white and Carlyle Finance have proven that speed and efficiency or service and relationship are not mutually exclusive.

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