Carlyle Finance in 2010 – Offering much more than the best way to Finance a Car

The Value of a Dynamic Finance Partner

As 2009 draws to a close it is worth reflecting on what has been a remarkable year. The New and Used market has generally been in freefall although encouraging signs have been noted following the introduction of the scrappage scheme on New and some promising improvements in recent months for Used car sales. The challenge in the market has switched from finding customers to finding the right cars, at the right price and the best way to finance a car. All of these changes have occurred during the longest and deepest recession in decades which has not only affected car sales but brought significant changes to the credit markets. Against this background Carlyle Finance has grown over 65% in 2009, – You may wonder how this has been achieved.

‘If we are not investing, developing and evolving, then we are losing’
-Colin Chapman. Lotus.

Whilst point of sale motor finance has seen a continuous decline over 5 years as the public considered other options to finance a car, Carlyle Finance has delivered continuous growth. We have followed a strategy and course of consistent investment and evolution to ensure we cater to the needs of a changing market and most importantly the needs of our dealers and customers. Over the years our business model has had to change, sometimes drastically, so that we can offer a market leading proposition to our dealers. We are committed to being the best because that is our Vision:

To be recognised as the leading independent motor finance company in the UK

Holding dear to ‘traditional values’, although often tempting, has never brought the results required in the ever-changing world if the UK motor market. I can remember countless times when brave choices were made to deliver benefit for our dealers, – Investment in new technologies such as our Nexus point of sale system. This investment has brought with it class-leading service levels whereby our underwriting times were either 3 minutes for an auto-decision in October, or under 19 minutes for a referred decision. We took a different approach to the challenges of the FSA which has meant we lead the market in terms of PPP and GAP sales. Our latest innovation being Virtual Business Manager – also known as This simple yet effective innovation can advise and quote any customer, anytime, anywhere.

Staying still has never been an option for us or any ambitious business. The pace of change in our market and globally make this clear for all of us. Many of the team within Carlyle Finance recall an era when we had a branch network with the promise of great local service and a ‘manual’ approach to many processes including underwriting. It seems that often we confuse ‘tradition’ with service, or ‘efficiency’ with poor service, but this does not have to be the case and certainly isn’t so within Carlyle Finance. Our business, and yours I am sure, is a people business. We understand that we need to be both efficient, evolutionary but accessible. By grasping new technologies whilst always knowing that ‘The Customer Comes First’, means that we have worked tirelessly to offer our dealers the best level of service and product range as they assist their customers to finance a car whilst at the same time build meaningful and long-term relationships with our dealers. Our investment in people has been significant and the Carlyle Finance team are measured by the value they add to our dealer partnerships.

Not all finance companies are the same. At Carlyle we aim to be imaginative, dynamic, supportive and future proof. We constantly scan the market for opportunities and encourage our dealers to do the same.

Carlyle Finance is going places with a strong, motivated team, a thirst for innovation, a dedication to our customers and a passion for what we do and that is only motor finance. Join us to find out for yourself why so many dealers choose Carlyle Finance.

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