Careers for MBA in Finance

Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) has various specializations among which Finance is preferred by most students. It not only has attractive salary packages but is also interesting to specialize in. Plus, Finance has a wide range of career opportunities across the globe.
It is one of the oldest disciplines of management, previously being a subject of Economics. 20th century granted it the affiliation of an individual subject for study.
Course Curriculum
MBA is a 2 year degree program. A student can choose his specialization as per his interests. To get admission in MBA with any specialization, it is necessary to appear for GMAT/CMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test/Combined Management Admission Test). Some of the affiliated universities conduct their own admission examination.
MBA in finance through distance learning education program is also possible. Some of the universities like Sikkim Manipal University and Indira Gandhi National Open University offer distance MBA programs.

Jobs & Career
MBA Finance can get you to work in banking and non-banking sectors. You can work anywhere in the corporate world. Every industry needs a financial expert to look after the finance department.
The students with an MBA in finance have a lot of job opportunities in government and the private sector. They can be a part of the stock markets, top-notch organizations, finance ministry and other related organizations. A degree in finance can also help you to run your own business firm.
A financial manager can earn around INR 5,00,000 to 12,00,000 per annum. The income is bound to increase with better firms and growing experience. A person with an MBA in finance will thus never run out of either income or career opportunities.
The following departments are among the most important departments in a company which a student with an MBA degree including a specialization in finance can play a role in:
* Asset Management
* Corporate Finance
* Corporate Banking
* Credit Risk Management
* Derivatives Structuring
* Hedge Fund Management
* Private Equity
* Treasury
The following are the top recruiters for MBA finance:
* Bain & Co.
* Barclays
* Boston Consulting Group
* Deutsche Bank
* Goldman Sachs
* JP Morgan
* Lehman Brothers
* McKinsey
* Merrill Lynch
* Morgan Stanley
Thus, an MBA degree specializing in Finance can help you earn a respectable post in a company with a reassuring salary at the end of every month. In the world of increasing globalization and competing economies, every industry must have excelling financial advisors and experts to help their companies flourish and succeed. If you’re wondering about career opportunities after an MBA in finance, then stop panicking and set yourself up in working with dedication, knowing the market systems and polishing your skills to be a financial expert! provides content and updated information about finance options, guidance on education loans, in addition to everything that students would like to know about MBA colleges in India and help on MBA preparation.

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