Career Options You Can Pursue With an Online Finance Major

If you are interested in managing figures and enjoy working with numbers, you can either pursue a Degree in Accounting or Finance. While an accounting degree focuses on broader aspects of business functions of different industries, a Degree in Finance is narrower and more focused.

Choosing a Finance Major The field of finance is highly competitive, and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in financial analysis and advising are likely to increase by nearly 20% by 2018. You can even consider a business major with a focus on finance. With this specialization, you can work in various industries. The coursework for this major includes areas like mathematics, statistical analysis, technology and business ethics. Apart from this, Business Finance Major also helps you to develop problem solving as well as critical thinking skills.

Career Options with a Finance Major To develop a finance career, you should have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. However, a higher degree like a Master’s Degree in Finance or an MBA in Finance is required to work in management or business.

A business major with a specialization in Finance can help you to get entry level jobs in various settings like banks, mutual funds, brokerage firms, insurance companies, corporations and finance departments of Fortune 500 companies. With a finance major you can become a:

* Finance Officer * Financial Advisor * Financial Analyst * Financial Planner * Underwriter With a Master’s Degree in Finance you can pursue a lucrative career in this field and earn a starting salary of about $ 30,000 a year. However, with advanced qualifications and experience you can earn more.

How Can a Finance Major Help? A Major in Finance can help you to develop a lucrative career. However it is basically a theoretical course and in order to pursue the necessary skills, you need to go for managerial courses or an MBA. It is best to complement your finance major with practical training offered through internships.

You can even consider an Online Finance Degree as it allows you to pursue advanced degrees without discontinuing your existing job. Online degrees can be pursued from anywhere and at anytime as they provide you the flexibility to study at your own convenience and pace. They are also more cost effective than traditional finance degrees.

If you are interested in the field of finance, you can consider finance major either through traditional means or through distance learning. With a finance major, you can concentrate on niche areas and opt for a specialization which can help you to develop a career in that specific field.

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