Career Opportunities in Banking and Finance Industry

While modern culture may lead you to believe otherwise about job vacancies in the finance industry, banking and finance sectors have a different picture to present. Like other fields such as health, management, IT, hospitality, finance industry too is growing at a high pace. A job in this industry is not only dynamic and challenging, but it is also rewarding. Apart from being one of the most significant contributors to a country’s fiscal growth, the finance industry offers jobs to millions of aspirants.

Since a lot of career choices are available in the banking, investment and insurance market, a finance service offers you the opportunity to create effective wealth management solutions to help an organization reach its long-term goals. At times, finance companies prepare a big platform for graduates from different academic disciplines to start their career. Whether you want to do a job that allows you to interact face-to-face with clients or you prefer pursuing corporate success by sitting in the office, a financial company provides it all. Below are a few in-demand job opportunities in the aforesaid industries.

Financial Project Specialist

As a financial project specialist, you shoulder a lot of responsibilities which include- taking the right decision related to finance, planning financial project, participating in work groups, as well as implementing and monitoring the project’s results. Besides these, allocating budget, advising for meetings with project members, and giving presentations or submitting status reports on regular basis are there on the key responsibility list. For a financial project specialist, excellent oral and written communication skills are the key to success and basic knowledge of computer is a must. Additionally, you should also have ability and quality to thrive under challenging conditions and perform multiple works at a time.

Financial Analyst

A financial analyst is also known as financial planner, financial adviser, financial consultant and financial manager. Their main objective is to strengthen economic growth of a company. They evaluate key financial data, find any issues related to financial structure and provide the right solutions depending on involved risks. A financial adviser needs to be excellent at doing research and critical thinking. They have excellent communication skills as they have to explain complex financial market scenario to clients from time to time. Those who have these qualities can apply at banks, insurance companies, mutual fund and pension management companies and securities firms.

Investment Banking Analyst

Investment banking analyst is one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs in the finance industry. As an investment banking analyst, you will be required to help a company get relevant information in order to make an absolute investment decision. Key responsibilities of this job are- construction of financial models, analysis of any issues related to finance, preparation of reports on potential investment sectors, doing researches to scan the market trends, managing trades, and assembling presentations or internal meetings for management. To become an investment banking analyst, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, business, or economics. You should have problem-solving and analytical skills.

Get Started to Work in a Finance Company

If you want to start your career in the banking or finance sectors, earn a finance degree from a reputed institution. It’s helpful for you. Hone your skills and obtain proper knowledge about the finance industry.

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