Stay At Home Moms Earning An Income

Being a stay at home mom can bring stress that you did not anticipate before your beautiful baby was born. In todays work the endless and thankless job of being a stay at home mom is not respected or appreciated even by those closest to you.

Your husband may resent the fact that you “get to stay at home and play”. How easy it is to overlook all the housework, laundry, food preparation, and errands you do for your family on a daily bases. Not to mention the attention your small children demand from you every minute they are awake.

Your friends that do not have children or do not get to stay home may make comments like “if you’re looking for something to do”. Because they assume you have all kinds of free time.

As a stay at home mom the expectation that your house is always spotless and the meals are always made can make you crazy but it’s the feeling like you are not doing enough because you are not making money that gets to me.

So after a few years of being a stay at home mom wanting to earn an income I have finally found a way to do it. I have found a way to do it from my laptop and phone. I can do it during naptime and after bedtime or I can trade babysitting with another stay at home Mom and get some extra time if I feel I need it.

Being a stay at home mom and earing an income is the ideal situation for me. Even without all the pressure I have been scared by watching the women of the generation before me end up in financial situations they never dreamed of.

After staying at home and raising there children, giving up there careers and making a home they get divorced. Sometimes this is their choice and sometimes its not but either way they have not spent the last 20 plus years building a career.

So they end up in jobs that don’t pay well living a in am economic situation that they never wanted or saw themselves living while there ex-husbands continue to make the money they made before and life the life they had always planed.

Yes they are required to pay support but that only lasts for a few years and then these women are on there own. I never want to end up in a situation like this. It seems negative to think about this but we can only plan so much.

Things happen in life that you can not control so being as prepared as you can seems like a good option to me. If you are interested in my plan please click here and let me show you what I am doing.

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