Looking For The Leading Poetry Publishers In India?

There are many publishers present in India, but there are many poets as well. Finding the right publishing house for your work can prove to be a challenge, but in the end, seeing your work in print, it becomes worth the effort. Learning about the process for getting published will aid in making this heavy burden a little easier.

One’s poetry is a special and precious thing. The words of poetry seep out of one’s thoughts and leak from pen to paper and hopefully onto the world. Sharing your work with others can sometimes feel like allowing someone to look into your soul. You want your work to be accepted, understood and loved as much as you have done so yourself. When seeking out a publisher, you should feel safe in knowing they will nourish it as you have.

When looking into a certain publishing house, research their successes. Most houses will laud the literary prizes their current poets have won. Examples of those awards would be the Sahitya Akademi Award, Vodafone Crossword Award, Jnanpith Award, the Man Asian Literary Prize and various other state awards. Seeing the achievements of others will give you hope in believing that your own work will possibly see the same such achievements.

Winning literary awards is not the only reason to choose a publishing house. You may have been a poet for as long as you remember, but everyone could use a little critique and help to keep them humble and to grow. A good publisher will help you strengthen your work and also give tips on any poetry trends going around the world over. Your work can also be included in anthologies with others in your craft and seen worldwide. You will have the opportunity to enjoy someone else’s work and style and grow within your own poetry. Hopefully someone else will do the same with your work.

  Once you have chosen your trusted publishing house, there are certain steps you should expect. Your publishing consultant will ask to see some examples of your work. Submit some of your best work and expect to receive a response within 24-48 hours. Once it is reviewed, if there are any critiques given by the consultant, the two of you shall review it and make any changes necessary. If there are no changes to be made, the consultant will offer you a set of publishing packages to suit your goals and monetary needs. The consultant then takes over the publishing process while you discuss your future with editors, designers and pricing experts. Once that process is complete, the distribution team will focus on selling your work worldwide in hardcover and digital forms. After which, the author support team will track your sales and make sure you receive all the royalties owed to you.

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