Do You Have A Business Plan? Keep This In Mind!

Over the years, renowned business opportunity networks have debated the events and actions that lead to the success of a newly established business. One thing remained clear: a business plan is a road map to the success of a venture. It is your plan to succeed. Can you kick-start your business without a business plan? In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”.

That’s how essential a business plan really is! Not sure how to develop one? Here are some great tips you should bear in mind:

What’s Your Vision?
Close your eyes. Where do you see your business in the next 5…10…15 years down the line? Every business begins with a clear and inspiring vision. When you know exactly where you want to go, you plan your present goals and actions accordingly. So this is something you want to take some time developing. Remember, a great vision takes the big picture into consideration!

Keep the Audience in Mind
Your business plan is developed for a particular group of people. They could be venture capitalists, potential partners, investors or lenders. Whoever the audience, develop the content plan according to their needs. For instance, venture capitalists are pressed for time. So you may want to keep the content concise and factual, with something that will grab their attention from the start.
Stick to Facts: Current Research Will Increase Credibility

Don’t beat about the bush. You may be a great writer, but remember, your business plan isn’t a test of your poetic writing skills. It’s a factual presentation of information that will help your investors deduce the feasibility of your business. Their ultimate decision will be to either invest in your business or discard the idea. What will really keep them attentive is if you present facts, current market conditions, demographic profiling of target market, market potential, growth potential, etc.

A common mistake that most entrepreneurs make is downplaying their competition. Doing so could backfire. For instance, if you propose that you have no competition, it could give the investors the idea that you have no market, at all. Keep in mind: facts, facts, facts!

Talk about Finances… & Don’t Forget Marketing!
At the end of the day, your investors are interested in numbers. What is the current market revenue potential, and how are you going to capture market share? Bring it financial ratios, investment cost, break-even terms, and finally marketing tools and efforts! If you don’t have the skills and knowledge in these areas, hire a consultant.

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