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The telephone industry has evolved drastically in the past couple of decades. Today, IP phone and VoIP phone are some of the many options that are available for potential consumers. As compared to VoIP technique, an IP phone is relatively traditional as far as usage and features are concerned. When we take a look at a key system, the calls are usually manually handled by a central user. The user makes use of lighted buttons in order to directly control the calls. PBX is another one of the business telephone systems. PBX slightly differs from the key system. For instance – the calls get automatically connected with the dialed numbers. PBX systems are popularly known as Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange (EPABX) and Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX). More often than not, these systems are used when there is a dedicated telephone exchange in the office. There is also large PBX that is available with features that are a lot more innovative.
Offices and businesses opt for different telephone systems as per their requirements. There are certain offices, especially call centers that have to be careful while going through different business telephone systems. There are a few aspects that should be looked into before opting for a particular system.

Call Distribution

Business telephone systems with automated call distribution feature are preferred by most of the leading and large scale call centers. This feature enables the call to get routed automatically to the next agent, in case a particular agent is not available to answer the call.

Monitoring and Call Recording

Call centers make use of the call recording feature in order to monitor the performance of their agents. Hence, business telephone systems that are equipped with this feature are certainly welcomed. With the help of call recording, the supervisors have one on one session with their agents and fine-tune their skills.

Call Conferencing

This is another important feature that most of the leading business telephone systems are equipped with. Call conferencing plays a vital role, especially when it comes to connecting the client with two different sources. For instance – a client would want to talk to the agent and the shipping company executive at the same time to enquire about his/her consignment.

Apart from looking into different business telephone systems before taking the final call, you should also be looking at few other factors that are indirectly associated with telephone lines. A multi telephone line system will be lined to one another with the help of data cabling. Unfortunately, due to poor data cabling, your office can end up looking very messy. Hence, it is important plan well with the electrician you hire. Make sure that the data cabling looks organized and sophisticated. Ideally, each and every fire should pass through the wall.

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