What you need to know about organic vegetables

There are many people that claim that organic vegetables and conventional food are the same. This cannot be further from the truth. There are indeed some differences that can be noted between food grown with organic agriculture and those utilizing a conventional approach.

Hereunder you will find some of the most common differences:

Organic fruits and vegetables generally look less appealing. They are of irregular shape and often look less attractive.

*Form varies a lot.: For instance you might get an asymmetric apple compared to the ones that have been specifically developed for commercial benefits.

* Not uniform: For instance in the case of tomato, the sunny side will be red while the side that has been grown in the shadow of leaves will be yellowish.

*Sizes varies: There are a lot of variations in the sizes of organic vegetables. Some may be smaller while some others might be larger.

*Smaller variety: Giant apples are all full of chemicals and water. Nothing to do with organic food.

Organic vegetables seem to be more appealing to the taste bud. This is because organic vegetables have taken time to grow and develop all the necessary aromas. This holds true for vegetables such as carrots and some fruits such as apples.

For people on a diet they might be quite useful as they contain less water (and therefore more dry matter: they are more nutritious), more vitamins (C, beta-carotene), minerals (iron, magnesium) and polyphenols (antioxidants).

Organic vegetables also have the added advantage of containing fewer chemicals. Indeed given that there is less usage of pesticides and fertilizers that are used people can consume the vegetables without any fear of ingesting chemicals products.

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