Using a Baler for Waste Handling Purpose

For material recycling facilities in industrial area, a baler machine is utilized to compressed cardboard, paper, plastic or other shredded materials. It is also used in agriculture to facilitate compression of crops like straw or hay into bales for binding them.

For the purpose of harvesting agriculture, equipment is employed called ‘hay baler’. With the help of this equipment crops are cut and gathered to make hay for feeding the cattle. It is also useful to cut hay and finally it is compressed into square or round shape of bales that occupy less space and make transportation easy.

Though hay balers facilitate easy transportation and good storage capacity, they require more attention. Small square bales normally weigh 18-32 kg; need to be sheltered from rain or snow in order to protect them from getting rotted. As for the large round bales, they are safe in the open air. Rain will run off the sides of such bales because of their round shape, so there is no such threat.

In the past, bales were thrown on the floor and their twines were removed manually. The haystack was dried and compacted into bales that had to be torn and tattered for use. Today, a bale shredder has come to replace this manual process of handling bale by its rotary cutting teeth. That is why most of the farmers prefer to have such bale shredders.

In industries, byproducts and other waste like office paper are compacted by using balers. Some recycling companies use such balers with a view to reuse the waste for future production. Balers are made of steel which are hydraulically operated. They are used to compress the loaded materials.

Industries make use of baler extensively where plastics and metals are also compacted with the help of baler. It also helps to extract liquids or oils out of metals. Recycling facilitates reuse materials again for the next production. Scrap metal, for instance, is recycled into new sheet metal which is found in automobiles. For this reason baler is used for recycling in industries.

This article is published by Cort Walberg in public interest. Cort Walberg writes for Northern California Compactors, Inc which offers businesses with recycling equipments like balers, compactors, shredders and conveyors.

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