Understanding The Responsibility Of Sustainable Palm Oil

The principles of sustainable palm oil promote the responsible production of palm oil to protect the environment as well as the economy of the regions where it is produced. The plantations of sustainable oil must adhere to certain principles and guidelines that help to protect and safeguard those involved in the industry from poor environmental practices. The origins of palm oil finds its roots in Africa. The seeds were then transferred to other areas around the world and palm trees were grown in other tropical regions.

The fruit of the palm contains a lot of oil in its pulp. This oil is used is many products both edible and non-edible. It is a huge market with a very high demand on an international scale. The fruit of this tree is perennial so production is available all throughout the year.

Palm oil, coconut oil, and palm kernel oil all are produce from the fruit of palm trees. The Palm oil is extracted from the pulp of the fruit. It is the fastest growing industry in agriculture which has lead to major environmental issues. This year round industry produces about thirty percent of the world’s supply of vegetable oil and is critical to the world’s economy.

There has been the creation of an international roundtable consisting of major companies that work in the production of palm oil. They have agreed to provide both environmentally and economically sound practices. This roundtable meets on a regular basis to discuss the best ways to produce palm oil without damaging its habitat. They also design educational and economic programs to assist the indigenous people within these regions.

Promoting sustainable practices are very important to the future of the land as well as the economic survival of the people in these regions. Companies that have agreed to sustainable production of this oil adhere to certain principles of production. They agree to use green methods that are safe for the environment. This may range from the type of equipment used to till the land. It will also include the use of environmentally safe and natural pesticides.

Palm oil production is the most productive edible oil crop on the planet but this rise in production has resulted in serious costs. Palm oil’s expansion has hurt some of the countries where it is produced. Some of the companies that product the oil have been accused of using unethical means to meet the growing demand for palm oil. Many indigenous people have been displaced and certain slash and burn agricultural techniques have hurt the natural habitat. Sustainable palm oil is available on the market and will be certified and sold through those supply chains.

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