Understanding Organic Food And Its Necessity In The Modern World

Healthy life style is not just a fad in today’s world but a necessity. The over use of productivity of fertile land has been a virtual abuse in many ways. The greed of man to produce more and more led to complications in the production process, which further caused issues with quality of produce. The traditional forms of cultivation and harvesting had mandated some rest period to the land. Faulty methods of agriculture led to rendering such land barren. The competition to produce more and more than the neighboring land owner led things from bad to worse.

During this time, a whole generation of scientists was dedicated to primarily on scientific innovation based on agriculture. New and new strains and seeds were innovated to make a particular indigenous growth adaptable to new circumstances. To attain success in such experiments, indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers were promoted. It was when many unexplained health issues started cropping up with people who consumed such foods that the attention was diverted to find a solution.

Ironically, the solution was nothing that needed to be invented, but adopting our traditional agriculture methods that was somewhere lost in the humdrum of economics. This trend is difficult to adopt as it means that farmers will have to settle with quantity of produce from their land, thereby directly affecting their finances. The compromise in profit however, gives the advantage of good health. This way of production is ethical in terms of nature. The 1972 Earth Summit was a turning point for planet Earth. All attention was diverted to the environment and later the Rio Convention in 1992 gave us the word Sustainability – Sustainable production by the soil so that the future generations are not gifted with a desert to live in was the main concern.

The result from it all – risk-free food produces from organic farms in Long Island.
Organic from the Greek word Organikosmeans organ. So the soil which feeds every living on this planet started to be considered as an organ with life and protection of life was prime. Organic farming was adopted which was free from chemical fertilizers and germicides. The indiscriminate use of fertilizers and germicides leaves harmful presence of chemicals in the food we consumed. These were not only found in the vegetative produce but in livestock that depended on these produce for survival.

Humans, being the consumers in the vegetarian or non-vegetarian segment, are also spared from these ill effects. In the USA for example, this trend happens to be catching hold quite speedily, with producers as well as consumers supporting the organically grown crops. Producers are allowed to sell their produce directly through farmer’s market being held for local residents. The range varies from vegetables, fruits, dairy products, poultry, baked items, canned food etc. The site has a range to choose from items that can be gifted on occasions.

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