Trends that Are Organic

“Today, we can find a couple of areas on which organic products are eating a chunk of the established market. One is in the area of nutrition. Just by eves dropping at the closest supermarket, one can tell that this organic trend has bee steadily climbing the charts to popularity. These days, most supermarkets brag about racks that are filled with products that come straight from the farms. The organic trend has truly been getting much attention from milk products to organic cheese to even organic sugar and organic rice.

The business law of supply and demand dictates, “Where there is increased demand, there is increased supply,” thus, with the increasing demand for organic products nowadays call for increased supply to this rising need.

Medical field has also been adapting discreetly to this organic trend, as I call, for literary purposes. More and more pharmaceutical companies are paying attention to details and processes how to get their pharmaceutical lines into the organic bandwagon. A few medicines are said to be organic, having most of its active ingredient close to the real and fresh plant sources. Cough remedies in some Asian countries are marketed as organic medicines with the potential to even rival the sales volume of some of the biggest names in the pharmaceutical business. That’s one really good sign of the organic trend gaining momentum.

A recent area on which the organic trend may be an established phenomenon is in farming, thus, the infamous caption “organic farming”. Yes, organic farming has been here for quite a while. It exists to advocate farming techniques that include crop rotation, biological control, manure and composting. This reclines from using synthetic agricultural products such as pesticides and fertilizers. The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements, an international organization says of organic farming as, Organic agriculture is a production system that sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people. It relies on ecological processes, biodiversity and cycles adapted to local conditions, rather than the use of inputs with adverse effects. A combination of tradition, innovation and science to benefit the shared environment and promote fair relationships and a good quality of life for all involved is what organic agriculture is all about.

So, it’s loud and clear that the organic trend has been slowly becoming a household term. In the next years to come, the organic industry might just the one clear help that this ageing world so badly needs.”

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