Tips To Increase Agricultural Productivity

Farmers and governments across the globe are striving to come up with various means and ways to increase agricultural productivity. The reason for this constant effort is for the fact that agriculture is an indispensable occupation for any country. In addition, considering the deteriorating eco system and encroachment of urban zones into the cultivating lands, it has become extremely important to come up with ways and means for getting the best yield out of the available lands. Thus, here is a look at some of the basic broad mandatory points to increase agricultural productivity:

1. Selection of seeds: seed is the most important facet of agriculture that decides the quality and quantity of the yield. Therefore, it is very essential to be very careful while choosing the seeds. One has to be very careful about the quality, nutrition levels etc.

2. Check on the soil quality: After, seed the next importance aspect is the soil quality. All the plants have specification of growing in a particular soil. Therefore, depending what kind of plantation you wish to grow, choose the soil that best supports the plantation. To know this you have the soil testing analysis. This is very essential if you wish to do complete utilisation of the potential of the seed and the soil.

3. Protection of crops: Last but not the least, crop protections is a crucial facet in agriculture. Crop protection involves protecting the crops while growing and during consumption phase too. Many times cultivators think, use of pesticides would protect the crops, but it is to be remembered that excessive use of pesticides can prove to be fatal for the crops.

In addition to the basic pointers mentioned above, there is much more to increase agricultural productivity. It also includes farmer’s knowledge about the latest additions and developments in the field of agriculture and also the ways and means to implement them. Thus, increasing agricultural productivity is a 360 degrees concept. Considering this importance attached to farming, a lot of research has been going in the field of agriculture.

However, Trivedi Science is considered to have done the maximum and the most path breaking inventions and contribution in the field of agriculture. After proving to be the best in healing human problems, Trivedi Effect® is now showing its unique power in the field of agriculture. In other words, Trivedi Science that has been conducting experiments on various seeds and plantation types by merging scientific knowledge with that of the divine energy i.e. The Trivedi Effect®. The results of the experiments and amalgamation has resulted the following developments:

a. Increase in the health of plants
b. better growth patterns
c. improved plant immunity
d. raise in yield by 500%
e. boost in nutrition levels
f. increase in quality of produce
g. Increase in plant immunity
h. reduction in germination rate
i. Infusing useful bacteria in soil
Thus, Trivedi Science with its expert team has made quite a stir in agriculture by conducting experiments in variety agricultural products like fruits, vegetables, flowers and pulses.

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