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One place to sight the leading regional and international vendors in the food and agriculture industry including research and technology is the Agrofood West Africa. This event is going to be conducted between 1- 3 December 2015 at Accra International Conference Centre, Ghana. The trade is intended to provide a platform for numerous companies from the industries of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Food, Beverage & Packaging Technology and Hospitality. Agrofood West Africa 2015 is the third international trade fair being conducted in West Africa.
Growing health awareness with its increasing middle-class income is driving making retail industry remunerative. The spurt of supermarkets is causing a soar in demand for vegetables and fishes mainly. This also indicates the potential for local production for domestic markets. Knowing about the newest of the technologies and their adoption are the desired traits to expand the agribusiness industrial base beyond the national boundaries.
Key factors for the success of Agrofood West Africa are:
Top governmental and institutional support from within West Africa and from Europe
Partner of fairtrade in Ghana is AHK Ghana (The Delegation of German Industry and Commerce) that offers substantial information and assistance to enter the Ghanaian market. The Austrian pavilion is supported by Advantage Austria.
Trustworthy database since the 70% of the people who were part of Agrofood West Africa declared that the contacts during the event were useful for their further improvement of their businesses.
Past surveys have revealed satisfactory opinion about the event. Among the exhibitors, 90% of them voiced that they will pass on the recommendation to their contacts among other companies about the participation in the event, 70% are satisfied with the quality of business, 70% of the exhibitors are satisfied with the happenings of the trade fair.
The Agrofood Industry Portal allows exhibitors and visiting folks to connect through this link, before, after or during this fair. This portal has helped many business connections during past and is expected to serve better in coming years.
How is it worth to be identified with Agrofood West Africa?
The exhibition is an ISO 9001:2008 certified.
Displays are expected from various subsectors of food and agriculture, like- agricultural machinery and equipments, milling, mixing, processing and packaging equipments, dryers, silos and storage systems, seeds, seedlings, water, soil, pest and nutrient management systems, veterinary and animal husbandry equipments, processing machinery and equipments and analytical equipments. There are varietal displays in the food, bakery and beverages sector as well.
The presentations and seminars are organized on the venue to enhance the visitors and participators’ knowledge with the latest news, research, and technology. These seminars will be centered around the topics of production, processing, packaging, quality management and food safety. Current noticeable drifts in agribusiness are also discussed in the gatherings.
During the previous years, the exhibitors have been surveyed to be content with the event and more than 90% have declared that they will recommend the show to their fellow businessmen. The quality of contacts acquired is found to be useful for further business more than 70%. During the survey of 2013 Agrofood West Africa, 75% of the visitors were decision makers. One can expect the business talks to be fruitful and their attendance to the event, worthwhile.
One can visit the fair to be up-to-date with the latest of the technologies and to stay abreast with the trends in Agriculture and food industry. Being a part of its showcase will help to boost your products on the right platform for the relevant most audience. The advantage of launch is seen at its best in this event as well.
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