The Venom Of The Genetically Modified Food

Assault on food sovereignty

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GMOs are a veritable assault of global agriculture corporation to nutrient sovereignty of all countries. A handful of transnational controls the world market and its transgenic seed patents, making illegal the ancestral rights of the farmers to save and replant seeds. Added to this is the increasing pressure to adopt technologies “Terminator” to suicide seeds, the use of food crops to produce nonfood-pharmaceutical industrial agrofuels-polluting and disputed land to food production threatened fish and transgenic cattle. experiment with genetically engineered tree promise a renewed hellhole as well as large area of monoculture invade and increase the desolation of area rich in biodiversity would cause pollution for decade and long distances.

Despite the huge amount of money involved in transnational misleading propaganda and buy official and government to establish Torah in their favor the first 10 age of the commercialisation of gram crop in the universe show that progress HA been slow and HA them cost more than what company never imagined. Although they have managed to do a batch of damage among other things with the taint of farmer assortment farmer contaminated trial experiment to baby and generally the thousand experiment with most of us as consumer transgenic involuntary multinationals have lost miserably the lesson battle of populace sentiment and no one on the planetincluding official of the company and government that legalizeanswer honestly prefer to eat GMOs.

More dependence, lower productivity,

more pesticidesDupontMonsanto Dupont Syngenta aspirin Dow BASF. They are also the top six in the world market for pesticides. No wonder, then, that after ten years of the commencement of marketing of GM the in 1996) only has two kinds of crops in the field: those who resist agrochemicals companies themselves, -68 percent seeds from 2006 – and insecticidal crops, engineered to express the toxin from the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) -19 percent of GM seeds in the field in the same year. The remaining 13 percentage were culture in both feature having the Lapp plant.

Even in US there are more than 70 assortment of crop approved for commercialisation scale planting in that state and globally over the last 10 age were soy maize canola and cotton mainly to fatten cows in the rich countries. According to sources in the biotech industry itself, there are 22 countries that have adopted GM crops, but only 14 of these planted over 50,000 acres and still actually only 4 countries – and – which cover 90 percent of the global area planted to GM crops. Against the cheerful information from industry the agribusiness section statistics from the United state (April 2006) show that transgenic produce less or peer than conventional crop and pesticide use HA increased considerably in the last 10 age .

In any other industrial country corporate concentration is recorded as marked as in the case of gram seed where a bingle multinational company control almost 90 percentage of the seed planted worldwide. With the acquisition of the Mexican company Seminis in 2005 and the world’s largest – in 2006, became the largest seed company in general, not just GM. which for years was the largest seed company in the globe, but also went on to dominate the global market for cotton seeds and got into areas where it was not present or was very weak, as the fruits and vegetables. With the purchase of agreed to supply 3000 500 assortment of seed to fruit and veggie manufacturer in 150 country controlling among others 34 percentage of seed sales for pepper production 31 percentage of bean 38 percentage of cucumber 29 percentage of the pepper 23 percentage of the tomato and 25 percentage of the onions.

The control of seed is a clear aim of the multinationals because whoever control them clasp the key to the stallion nutrient chain. Transgenic seeds are the paradigm of this corporate control, as well as the strong market concentration, are also proprietary, which makes illegal the ancestral right of peasants to save seeds and replant them in the next harvest. and other companies have legally exercised this violation against contaminated dozens of farmers in the and which have sued for “illegal use” of its patented genes. According to a report by the Center for nutrient Safety of the United state the 2005 had already claimed more than $ 15 1000000 in 90 trial of this type.

Terminator and its clones

Still agriculture company are going for more because even if the patent are a tool to its monopoly the class involves detecting them using illegal and undertake trials. So they devised the “Terminator” technology, to second generation seeds sterile and automatically force all must buy new seed companies for each planting. This phenomenon occurs mostly in the U.S. and other countries in North (unused Terminator, only for imposing hybrids that do not maintain the level of production after the first harvest). This dependency on commercial seed is forcing farmers in that country to continue buying GM seeds but yield less, are more expensive and use more chemicals: they simply could not do otherwise. In the South however, there are 1.4 billion of farmers who use their own seeds for food and fodder. With the clamp new seed Torah introduction of transgenic and as final blow exterminator is threatening the support of these farmer for anyone else either in the North or the South to save their own seeds.

After the first version of exterminator which was patented in 1998 jointly by the section of agribusiness of the United state with the company (now on track to become the place of there were many other version of this engineering suicidal liquidator since almost all company that produce agrotransgnicos because that is the hereafter we envision to apply to all GMOs. One of the latest is the result of research sponsored by the called “Transcontainer”, who claim not to produce sterility permanently but only to contain GM contamination, as the fertility of the seed can be subsequently restitutida companies that sell it. But Terminator Transcontainer or both pollution and death as any version substantive point to the same thing: that the oligopoly of U.S. and European company to continue spreading their engineered seed in the fields with guarantee to maintain its monopoly and that all farmer and peasant have to go buy seed or pay company to restore their fertility.

They use us as guinea hog Contrary to what the biotech industry claim that there is no grounds GMOs are bad for health is accumulating grounds showing otherwise. As detailed in a recent compilation of the coordination of the Network for a GM free Latin America, different types of transgenic mice tested in laboratory, produce from allergies to more serious immunological reactions, as breakdowns or atrophy of internal organs, increased level white blood cells, bleeding, genetic and biochemical changes that make them more susceptible to disease in animals and plants. A Russian study by Dr. of the Russian Academy of Sciences, feeding groups of pregnant rats with soy flour (a conventionally shaped and other GM) showed that more than half of the offspring of mothers who ate transgenic survivors died quickly and weighed considerably less. The list is already quite extensive but not known if more grounds of the damage that tin consequence in the ingestion of gram because neither industry nor government are looking for and try to hide the few mugwump survey that fail to come to light.

Paraguay Moreover the intensifier use of pesticide for crop resistant to them as in Argentina Paraguay and produce serious damage and even decease as a kid in Paraguay who are exposed in the fields and their neighbor and surrounding area through pollution country dirt and water.

Estates and GM agrofuels

In the sec largest manufacturer of gram crop in the universe these crop with investing demand for more expensive input and seed as well as larger and larger area for exportation have contributed significantly to consolidate a true agrarian reform favor of the landowner to cause the disappearing of a significant percent of small producers.

Recently the agriculture industrial composite launched a new onslaught that go in the Lapp way now with the detonation of industrial publicity of agrofuels or crop such as sugar cane soy and maize to produce ethanol and biodiesel. For industries is a propaganda coup, because the solution presented as “environmentally friendly” climate change, but what they want is a lucrative business, both by government subsidies that promise, and because environmental destruction by extension of the agricultural frontier and soil erosion, the southern countries will suffer, not the companies or their home countries. Companies that produce agro-biotech companies have partnered to automotive dealers and large grains that monopolize that market, such as and to engineer crops to produce biofuels, arguing that only well be efficient in planting and processing. They have no real basis to proclaim such a thing, but that does not prevent the market shed, disputing rural lands and should be used for food. Incidentally this volition increase exponentially the hazard of gram taint because new manipulation become inedible crops.

The next phase on which are already moving company on the evidence of the production of new fuel and go far beyond the gram to create artificial living organism from scratch. He is called synthetic biology and its impact are potentially much worse than those who have already made the transgenics.

However despite continuous and evolving transnational attack to control the rudiments of life for all the peasant indigenous people fisherfolk pastoralists and other community of the universe they still have in their custody the seed and cognition to continue producing healthy nutrient and taking care of their support base of all. It is up to everyone to follow well.

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