The Bonus Points Of Shifting To Natural Farming Methods

The last decade has been transformational for the industrial agriculture sector. A lot of new concepts and theorems like natural farming, sustainable agriculture, and chemical free farming came into the foray of global attention. Farmers and consumers alike have accepted this frenzy with equal enthusiasm as it brings them a long list of benefits – economically and health wise. The underlying concept of natural farming is to devoid farming methods from the use of chemicals.

Fertilizers and pesticides that contain chemical substances are abstained from since they are proven to be detrimental to soil fertility. Natural farming is an indeed turning the wheels of modern farming that will boost agricultural productivity through natural means. However, the migration from conventional farming techniques to sustainable farming will take some time as no change can be implemented in haste. This poses a serious problem as fall in agriculture produce will result in food shortage that can compromise the food security of various nations. In that note, sustainable agriculture will prove to be costly in certain aspects when compared to chemical-based farming.

Sustainable agriculture refers to a farming culture where the soil fertility can be sustained for a long period of time. The main drawback of fertilizers was that they destroy the fertility of the soil within a short period of time. They don’t extend their crop multiplying effect into additional crop cycles. Natural farming on the other hand will fix nitrogen particles into the soil naturally and will ensure fertility for a long period of time without any interval.

Natural farming will aid the objective of organic agriculture by reducing the extent of the air, water and soil contamination. It will contribute to soil and water preservation by going with the flow of natural elements. Chemical based fertilizers always manipulated natural elements like water and soil for the purpose of increasing industrial agriculture productivity. Sustainable agriculture also ensures that natural habitats of various wildlife and vegetation are preserved. It will advance mankind towards nature-friendly living that will drive phenomenal long-term benefits.

The need for nature based farming techniques has been experienced since long. Trivedi Science TM has been directing its resources and efforts toward improvising existing natural farming methods that will ease the stress on available natural resources. It has been successful in creating awareness amidst the farming community to adopt a more natural farming practice that will result in the production of enriched crops. Mahendra Trivedi, the renowned spiritual master and Energy Transmission specialist, has provided significant inputs to the scientific community for enhancing natural farming studies. He has also been active in bringing modern science and spirituality through the Energy Transmission process of The Trivedi Effect®.

Trivedi Agriculture has done many researches based on “The Trivedi Effect” in plants, crops & seeds. It has worked on many projects of India and USA. There are many advancement in the agriculture industry, you can find over Trivedi Agriculture.

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