The Best Way to a Farm Loan Success

If you are a farmer or rancher who requires a loan, then depending on your current financial condition, there are many options for you to avail of.

If you have sufficient collateral or a guarantor, then you can apply for a loan through a private bank or commercial lender. They will normally require collateral, which is around 50 percent more than that of the loan amount. If you have collateral and sufficient down payment, then the interest rate will definitely be quite low. Go to different banks and compare their rate of interest on the loan and also any other charges that may be applicable to that loan.

Some banks also have a re-payment scheme in which the first year installments are lower, giving you a lead-time to stand on your feet. If you do not have sufficient collateral, or have suffered losses in farming due to natural disasters such as flood, drought, etc. then you can try getting a loan from the government organization FSA i.e. the Farm Service Agency. These loans are provided to farmers who do not have much collateral. If you are a beginner, then these loans range from $ 200,000.00 to $ 949,000.00. The United States Government guarantees the loans.

You can also employ the services of a reputed and experienced expert farm loan broker, who can help you after assessing your loan needs. He can then guide you to the best lender who can lend you the maximum amount of money at the lowest rates of interest. His contacts in the field can help you to secure a loan in the least amount of time and he can even guide you in buying and leasing of farm equipment and machinery. If you have limited knowledge about the procedure and documents needed to apply for a loan, then the farm loan broker is the best way to go in for one. The farm loan broker might also not take any brokerage from you since it is normally the lenders who pay his charges. But it is better to check everything with him before applying through him.

You can also check out private lenders who advertise in your neighborhood and also on the Internet. You can get their quotes and compare their rates and re-payment terms. Go through an experienced farm loan broker to read between the lines of the loan agreement.

Wherever you apply for a farm loan, it is important to have a detailed plan. It should clearly state your list of collaterals, if any, the purpose of your loan i.e. to purchase land, equipment, livestock, seeds etc., and the period for which the loan is required. It should also state as to when you expect to break even and start generating profits. If you have any other pending loans, then details of those should also be provided. If you have been unable to pay off a previous loan, then there are no chances of getting a fresh loan. So be sure to get your facts right before applying.

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