Thank God on Easter or Thanksgiving day for Agriculture.

From the early of human civilization, agriculture is regard as best occupation. Without agricultural practice, human will find hard for his survival. The agriculture products are not only used for food but in commercial purpose too. Some materials help us to yield products essential for living.
Several festivals associates with harvesting are celebrated to say thank to almighty. The easter festival celebrated in spring season is also a harvesting festival. The festival is co-related with Jewish festival of Passover, ancient festival of harvesting. Also the festival is converged with several ancient cultural festival of pagan and neo-pagan civilization.
The present celebration of this festival has some tradition of ancient culture like rabbit is associated with pagan culture. According to pagan believe rabbit is the animal associated with goddess of Saxon represents spring equinox in north Europe. Rabbit is her associate animal. The name has been originated from derived from eostre or eastre. The meaning is the word is the first day of spring in northern hemisphere by Venerable Bede.
According to Christian faith, easter sunday is the day of resurrection of Jesus Christ. As the incident took place during the period of Passover festival, so co-incidentally it falls near to the Jewish festival. The festival is observed in the on the first Sunday that follows the first full moon after the vernal equinox. For all over the country festival is the period of harvesting crops and so people observe the day according to their common believe.
As harvesting of crops not only occur in the period of spring season but also in the month of October and November. The people of North America celebrate harvesting festival. The festival is celebrated on different days in different country. Generally termed as thanksgiving day the festival is celebrated for paying thanks and tribute to god for his bountiful harvest. The festival falls on the second Monday of October in Canada while in the United States of America, it falls on the fourth Thursday of November.
The thanks giving festival is family celebration and identified as a secular holiday. The festival is memorized to members of the Wampanoag people at Plymouth and Pilgrim colonists in the year1621. The people express love and gratitude to god for his mercy and blessings.
As every harvesting is celebrated in between of summer and winter or winter and summer because the crop is reaped in between of these season. The spring season is perfect time for yielding new growth in nature. The nature gets a new look in spring and animals begin search for their mates. With association of renewal in nature, valentine’s day is celebrated during this season. The festival is celebrated for sharing love and affection among couples.
As valentine is associated with lover, same as for friend, friendship day is observed in the first Sunday of August. The festival is a day from celebration either with family, friends and closed relatives. The festival brings a time to unite together and say thanks to almighty for his mercy, gifts and blessings.

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