Single Cab Champions Of Agriculture

The transportation needs of a small agricultural business require much more utility, strength and overall robustness than what a regular business vehicle can provide.

Taking On The Toughest Of Jobs

The optimal transportation solution for your agricultural business needs to be able to work hard, work smart and make the toughest of jobs seem easy.

The engines of the modern bakkie are Dakar Rally proven, with over 18,000kms of desert testing without a single breakdown. These utility vehicles have an impressive response at lower engine revs and an increased power output at higher revs. This is as the result of the addition of two turbochargers. These engines thrive in the harshest conditions, able to meet any transport need with ease.

State Of The Art Transport

The most successful agricultural business owners, whatever the size of their operations, are the ones who gain and use new technology before their competitors do. A transport solution which is state of the art in both design and raw power can go a long way towards meeting your business’ transportation needs.

The contemporary Single Cab has carefully considered practical features and hardworking technology incorporated into it. This arguably places the latest pick-up in a league far beyond that of most traditional bakkies. Furthermore, the combination of a slew of impressive drive concepts into the pick-up has made it capable of keeping both you and your workload on track no matter what the conditions.

Cutting Down On Running Costs

Finding the right transport solution can have a massive impact on the cost of running a business. When looking to purchase the right vehicle, the buyer needs to consider the total cost of ownership – this includes the initial purchase price, the cost of maintaining the vehicle as well as its fuel economy.

The advanced engine technology found in today’s bakkies provides class leading fuel economy to ensure that no delivery point is too far away. These current pickups have trumped every competitor in its class in the arena of fuel consumption, through smart technology that significantly lowers running costs. This can give your business a competitive edge.

Plenty Of Room To Spare

Finally, if you’ll be transporting mixed loads, you’ll likely need the space for additional equipment as optimal shipping temperatures can vary greatly among different types of fresh produce.

The current Single Cab bakkies have some of the largest load bay dimensions in its class, able to load two Euro pallets crosswise between the wheel arches. The load bay dimensions are designed to optimise the available space. The sturdy tailboard can be used as a practical extension of the load area if needed. Loading goods has never been simpler or quicker.

The modern Single Cab pick-up is not only ready to meet any of your transportation needs but thrives as the all-purpose transport solution for your small agricultural business.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles are renowned for their strength and reliability in the South African market. The Amarok Single Cab Bakkie has conquered the most extreme off- road conditions and is ready to give you the competitive edge your small agricultural business deserves.

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