Simple And Effective Methods To Improve Agricultural Production

Agriculture is the livelihood of more than one quarter of the world’s population. It not employs a large proportion of the population but is also responsible for satiating the hunger craving of the world. Irrespective of any occupation, age or class it is essential for every human being and living organism to consume food that will keep them healthy and well nourished. Without agriculture the world will perish very soon gripped by famines. Hunger is one of the main reasons of mass deaths in under developed countries. In such places agricultural productivity is at a very low level or there are no proper facilities that will help improve agriculture production.

Agriculture is always at the mercy of nature’s elements. It is not possible to reap a good harvest without proper deploying agricultural processes. Agriculture requires good fertile soil, healthy seeds and effective farming methods that will help in the growth of thriving crops. The fertility of the soil depends on the quality of harvest. If the sol is overused or is spoilt from excessive use of fertilizers; crop yield and output will also decrease gradually. Cases of plant immunity being affected due to excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides are also reported from various parts of the world. Hence, it is better to have proper rotation of fertilizers that are natural and chemical which will aid in retaining the fertility of the soil.

Other commonly used methods to improve crop production are the growing of alternate crops during off seasons. This helps in keeping the soil healthy as well as employing the land to utility throughout the whole year. Further, farmers also have the opportunity to earn more from their land resources without having to wait until the return of the next season. Various agricultural and farming forums and communities also assist farmers in selecting crops that will give proper yield during various parts of the year. Soil testing analysis also aid in knowing the fertility and type of soil and what crops that match its features significantly.

Trivedi Science is an off shoot of the Trivedi Foundation that has been supporting various spiritual and scientific causes all over the world. It was founded by Mahendra Trivedi in 2006 after he was blessed with the divine power of energy transmission by Universal Intelligence. The Trivedi Effect® as it is popularly called is a scientific process that involves the application of biofield energy transmission from one organism to another. The energy transmission has a positive effect on crops by which their yield is increased by about five times without the use of any fertilizers or pesticides. The plant immunity is also enhanced as a result of the Trivedi Effect® which helps in reducing waste forming part of the harvest. Results of soil testing analysis also proved the fertility of soil to have enhanced significantly that could be used effectively for further agriculture purposes. Farming research organizations are now prescribing The Trivedi Effect® as one of the effective methods to improving agriculture production that does not require any artificial means.

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