Significance Of Organic Cotton Products

Organic cotton production is the process of growing cotton by using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment. The seeds used to grow cotton are untreated and are not modified genetically. In conventional method, cotton seeds are designed synthetically to yield more fibre, as well as resistance against pests. Organic production of cotton replenishes the fertility of the soil and reduces the use of toxic pesticides. It makes a better environment for plants and farmers.

Things that are made from organic cotton would top the list and are ideal for health conscious people. People with chemical sensitivities and allergies can benefit highly from organic cotton products. Constant exposure to toxins in everyday household such as arsenic, formaldehyde, etc. can result in constant illness. Organic items do not have any effect on humans.

Today, there is an increase in demand of these items. People tend to buy products made up of organic cotton. Sometimes, it becomes hard to find them, but with little research and effort one can find a few online stores that sell products made up of organic cotton. Organic cotton products are available in a variety of colours such as – green stripe, black stripe, violet stripe, Turkish towel care, etc.

Why should you buy organic cotton products?
Most of the people do know the importance of organic cotton products. There are a number of benefits of buying organic products. Though they may seem to be a bit expensive compared to conventional cotton products, but the life and quality of products make you feel happy and satisfied. Studies confirm that a number of health problems are caused due to harmful chemicals on clothes. There are a number of chemicals that are classified by the Environmental Protection Act and are considered as the most toxic substances on earth. No one knows that how harmful these chemicals are. The actual cost of organic cotton is related to certification to provide assurance of green quality. With regard to cost, most of the retailers tend to absorb the cost of certification to make sure they sell a competitive product in terms of quality and price.
Benefits of organic products
There are numerous benefits of buying products made of organic cotton. Some of the benefits are – free from pesticides and toxic chemicals, reduced risk of carcinogens from cotton, increasing biodiversity, conservation of the environment, etc. Moreover, organic farming helps in higher matter content, high polysaccharides, lower modulus of rupture, and eventually result in reduced soil erosion.

How organic cotton is cultivated?
Organic cotton is cultivated in a restricted environment that is free from artificial toxins. There are only a few locations on earth where organic cotton is grown. The entire farming process of organic cotton is involved with organic products as fertilizers. Manmade chemicals are used vastly to yield commercial crops with toxic effects. More than 40% of cotton produced annually contains toxins and harmful chemicals. It is very important to stay away from these products, as using them for a long run may result in dangerous side effects. The toxins retain on the fibre and take maximum toll on skin.

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