Pegasus Agriculture Reviews Why Middle East Is A Good Market For Hydroponic Veggies

MENA region’s largest owner and operators of Hydroponic farming facilities- Pegasus Agriculture combines nature’s best with cutting-edge technical knowledge to grow food that are healthy, fresh and organic. As the industry leader in managing hydroponic farming facilities in the MENA region, Pegasus Agriculture cultivate and market premium quality, greenhouse-grown fresh produce locally in the region successfully.

According to Pegasus Agriculture, hydroponically harvested plants are easy to sell, mainly because of their reliable year-round output, mostly in climate-controlled hydroponics facilities. The ability of hydroponic farms to produce in-demand, non-native vegetables is also a major factor for the increased demand.

With hydroponics, nutrients are delivered directly to the plants’ roots. The plants’ energy can be redirected to growing lush foliage and abundant fruits, since they no longer need to search for food.

Constant supply of fresh vegetables is considered to be crucial for green market consumers, either for commercial or residential purposes, as they have a constant demand. Growers may be able to assure their consumers of a constant price or small fluctuation in price due to variation in production factors.

Producing veggies, especially leafy ones without soil and inside a controlled environment helps growers to produce clean product with beautiful color and leaf shape. The appearance of green products greatly accounts for good market price and high profit.

Hydroponics has numerous advantages, since it offers complete control over growing conditions. It also requires less space compared to conventional agriculture, and pests and other blights can be more easily controlled and prevented.

The most convincing reason for embracing hydroponics in the MENA region is its water efficiency. For instance; when growing lettuce in hydroponics, the grower will be saving around 90 per cent as the water is recycled. With tomatoes, you can save between 40 and 60 per cent.

Another factor that makes hydroponic veggies easy to sell is that they can be grown close to the market distributor, says Pegasus Agriculture. As a perishable product, long distance transportation may damage and lower market value of the product. Moreover, having the product located near the consumer can considerably reduce transportation and other related cost.

Pegasus Agriculture’s cutting edge hydroponic farms will not only supply the major supermarkets, but also the local domestic markets with very high demand for hydroponic veggies. The company has its own advanced hydroponic facilities to grow a large variety of flowers, vegetables, and herbs hydroponically.

Now in this technology era Pegasus Agriculture becomes the flag bearer of agricultural revolution. It’s hydroponics shows the world a way free from food scarcity. For more details visit

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