Pakistan Rice Can Grasp The Position At Top

Pakistan Rice Can Grasp The Position At Top

It is studied that about half of the world population dependent on rice food but the green revolution in Asia has started in 1960s and at that time it produced modern, high quality rice varieties resulted a rapid growth of rice yields. Rice is grown by monocot seed all over the world if the topic on quality and flavor, the best ever quality Rice is produced in South Asia that are well known on the basis of quality and flavor. Pakistan is an agro based country which has grown abundance agriculture products that includes food crops also. Pakistan Rice also has preeminent cash crop that completes the demand of domestic as well as world population to encourage the exports level and also help out in the agriculture products. From all over the country only 10 % area is used to grow Rice in Pakistan, it is 3rd largest prominent cash crop which gives outstanding level of participation in exports of the country.

Pakistan rice is grown in the southern part of Punjab and some parts of Sindh due to the reason behind that most of the people rely on this crop to spend their life as they can do for their family. Different sorts of rice are produced in the country in which Super Basmati, Basmati pk-385, Irri-6, Irri-9 and KS-282 are used in different shapes to make the food more luxurious but Super Basmati is well known all over the world due to its paramount quality and flavor. Pakistan takes fabulous steps to improve the production of rice in the world for this purpose the association is working day & night to provide necessary resources with their best propensity level.

However, with the increase of population, ultimately the number of consumers is also increasing day by day. At international level, Researchers and farmers both have succeeded in producing enough rice to meet the consumption demand, now a day Pakistan has also makes the progress in the field of agriculture on the basis of new technology that’s why resulted show the production of rice in Pakistan is reliable and hold the 4th position all over the world. After the suddenly decrease in the production of rice and increase in the prices of rice have again made the whole world consider to improve such ways that helps to control the cost of staple food for the benefits of people around worldwide.

To control the prices and increase in the production of rice in Pakistan, there should be a system which proffers production techniques and cooperative attitude for both who are directly and indirectly attach with this crop. If the condition of will remain suitable in next few year then Pakistan rice can grasp the position at top on the basis of its quality and flavor.

Hassan Ruffell is the Junior marketing executive at Galaxy Rice. You can find more information or ask him any question about Pakistan Rice Competitors or Improvement in Rice Species

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